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ESPN Global Investment: Real or Scam? Shocking Discoveries!

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Some students, unemployed and working-class had been, recently, invited to join the ESPN Global program. 

As a result, some of these people had taken to my pages to enquire if I have anything to say about the legality and reality of this scheme.

Is ESPN Global real or a scam?

Of course, I've not been part of the beneficiaries or victims. Hence, it would take some research to get more information about this project and feed you back.

I've dedicated a few days to doing my homework and below were my findings.

What's the ESPN Global

ESPN Global (or ESPIAN Global so to say) claimed to be the mobile e-Sports platform based in the UK. It also claimed to be run by Espian Global CORPORATION LTD with headquarters in Poland. 

The company's mission was to be offering some of the popular games in one application. It also claimed to run betting businesses worldwide together with the invention of a blockchain system that could verify and support extreme levels of simple transactions.

Some addresses claimed by the company are Zwirki i Wigury 10A 02-092 Warszava, Poland (Poland Address), 39-41 Buckingham Palace RD. London, England SW1W OPS (UK Address) and A-10-01 Oasis Business Suites. Jalan PJU 1A/7A 47301 Petaling Jaya Malaysia (Asia Address).

Is ESPN Global Real or Illegal Regards Its Operations?

With the available information, both online and offline, the ESPN Global scheme is a SCAM, illegal and dubious.

There is enough evidence to support this position as detailed below.

1. ESPN Global is Hiding Under a Real Company's Name But It's Not Real

The real ESPN is an American multinational basic cable sports channel owned by ESPN Inc., owned jointly by The Walt Disney Company and Hearst Communications. The company was founded in 1979 by Bill Rasmussen along with his son Scott Rasmussen and Ed Egan.

The fake company now bears the same name in order to confuse prospective victims that it's the same well-known company. That's why they claim to be in the sports too.

Whereas in reality, they're not in any sport. Rather, they only lure you into registering as their affiliate with a flexible level of financial commitment and referral of about two people  - a way to bring in more victims.

2. Fake Domain Name Different From the Real ESPN's

The real ESPN website is Whereas, the fake one by ESPN Global is

How did ESPN in the name become ESPIAN in the domain?

This was a way to keep you off of noticing that it's not the same company.

If you check their website, the logo shows ESPN but the domain remains ESPIAN.

This fake company is aware that if they used, the real company that owns the trademark will contact their domain registrar to take the URL down or worst still, fish the people behind this scam out.

3. All Addresses Claimed By ESPN Global Were Fake

ESPIANGLOBAL claimed three addresses;

  1. 39-41 Buckingham Palace RD. London, England SW1W OPS
  2. Zwirki i Wigury 10A 02-092 Warszava, Poland
  3. A-10-01 Oasis Business Suites. Jalan PJU 1A/7A 47301 Petaling Jaya Malaysia

NOTE: They may add more fake addresses in the future. Be warned!

Checking for each of these addresses on Google Map, you will be surprised that the first was just a bar, the second a vacant road, and the third one never existed - the closest I could find belonged to another company entirely.

ESPN Global Uk Registered address: 39-41 Buckingham Palace RD. London, England SW1W OPS

A bar and restaurant

ESPN Global Poland Office: Zwirki i Wigury 10A 02-092 Warszava, Poland

Just a road

ESPN Global Asia Address: A-10-01 Oasis Business Suites. Jalan PJU 1A/7A 47301 Petaling Jaya Malaysia

The address belongs to another business

4. Domain Name Registered Just in 2021 But Claimed to Be in Operation for Some Years

Similar to the fake claim of the domain name (URL) and the fake physical addresses was the claim that they'd been operating for some years.

Digging into when their website was registered, you would be surprised by what I found.

The website was registered by Instra Corporation Pty Ltd on 2021-01-02 which would expire by 2026-01-02.

In other words, they just launched this scheme in 2021 (a post-pandemic scammer!). The domain will be due for the shut-down or renewal in six years (this may just be a way to convince you that they're ready to stay that long).

5. Claim to Have Covered Many Country Was a Lie

Related to the number 4 above was their claim that they'd made millions of people across the world millionaires. 

Which company can make a thousand people millionaires in just 5 months with a pyramid scheme?

Checking through their schedule for an online conference, I noticed their claim that they're already in certain countries. 

All these countries in less than half a year?

In reality, they're only in a few countries with less access to the information I'm sharing with you.

Above is the list of those countries, they knew the innocent you would accept this company is operating.

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ESPN Global Scheme is Another MMM in Disguise

The right word to use is "Mummy Returns".

Remember the movie?

If you compare the MMM scheme that millions of Nigerians and other nationals lost their hard-earned money to, back then, you will see the same pattern.

Then, they claimed you will earn money if you deposit some money in the course of helping others. This one asks for direct deposits.

They claimed to pay you back from other members. This one may truly be paying back (at least for now). But you never know if the crash will start with you.

They claimed they have offices across the world and they had made millions of people rich. This one is promoting the same.

If anybody tells you he is making money from ESPN Global, for now, tell him, that his families and friends (whom he refers to the scheme) will pay for it eventually (if not including him).


Now that you've got the message that ESPN Global scheme is a scam, you should run and help others to run by sharing this post with them. 

However, some of you would still want to give it the shot, notwithstanding. 

You must be thinking it took a few months before the government shut down MMM then. You must be thinking a few people ate the money and back off before the problems started.

Now. you're planning to be smart this time too.

Well, when you crash with all your friends and families, wasting your time and efforts, kindly return to this page to share your testimonies. 

If you make your money there, build your dream house with the best car, keep it to yourself.

Wishing you luck!

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