Npower 2022 Form 3rd Batch UPDATE: What to Know Before, During and After -


Npower 2022 Form 3rd Batch UPDATE: What to Know Before, During and After

Npower application for the Batch C intending beneficiaries had commenced (starting June 26). Below are answers to certain concerns of the prospective applicants. 

1. How many new Npower beneficiaries will be employed in the Batch C intake?

The support team has announced that the Federal Government will be taking in another set of 400,000 applicants for the Batch C Npower.

2. What are the requirements to apply for Npower Batch C?

There are four things to be qualified for the application:
  1. Have your BVN ready
  2. Age required is 18 - 35
  3. Have your academic certificates and credentials ready.
  4. A functioning email and phone number will be needed
  5. ID card: acceptable ones include National ID card, Voter's card, Driver's License, and International Passport.

3. Can I apply for Npower as a government worker or working elsewhere?

Npower has actually warned you not to apply if you're already working elsewhere. Accordingly, be sure you are not an existing employee in any organization. Read more here

4. Can an old or disengaged Npower member apply again?

Of course no. Npower has warned equally that ex-members of the scheme shouldn't apply for any of the future intakes. Hence, beneficiaries of Batch A and B are not allowed to apply again.

5. As an old Npower, are we still going to be paid our backlogs and given devices?

Npower support team has earlier promised to get back regards the device and the unpaid backlogs

To our Batch A and Batch B beneficiaries,
We have seen your questions on the exit plan, backlogs and devices.
In the following days, these issues will be addressed individually. Please stay tuned to our social media pages for updates.

6. Where to Apply for the New Npower?

Application is online and form can be filled at More on this here.

7. Can I use the National ID Card or Voter's Card instead of BVN?

No. The main reason your BVN will be required is to ensure your data tally across the board and for stipend payment.

8. When is the new application portal opening?

It has opened since June 26, 2020. That is the date. To be precise, 11.45pm, 26th June was when the portal reopened for registration.

9. Is the new application for only graduates?

The Batch C application will accommodate both Graduates and Non-graduates. In other words, the non-graduates include SSCE holders e.g WAEC, NECO, GCE, NABTEB, etc.

10. Can the past or existing N-Build beneficiaries apply?

No. It is not open to anyone who has been an N-Power beneficiary in any form.

11. What are the categories opened for Npower Batch C?

There are four categories prospective applicants can ick during the registration.
  • N-Agro - 6 months (MSC, Bsc, HND, ND, NCE or SSCE)
  • N-Teach - 12 months (MSC, Bsc, HND, ND, and NCE)
  • N-Health - 12 months (MSC, Bsc, HND, ND, and NCE)
  • N-Build, N-Tech, and N-Creative - 6 months (MSC, Bsc, HND, ND, NCE or SSCE)

12. When will Npower 2020 application close?

No closing date for now. The portal remains open until further notice. You can bookmark this post and revisit for the closing date when announced.

13. Can I re-apply or apply twice if I make mistakes?


Npower has instructed applicants to read the instructions very well before filling the form. If you submit twice, it's a double application that may nullify the two.

14. I applied before 11.45pm on June 26, 2020. I later heard I shouldn't have. What's my fate?

Npower has said entries before 11.45pm of June 26, were void. You may be lucky eventually.

15. Can I continue registration without an email confirmation message?

Yes, you can. You will still be able to apply without email confirmation.

16. I can't get the email confirmation, can I register again?

No. Kindly wait, as the email message will be delivered soon. You should also check your email SPAM as well. Note that Npower did not send messages to people generally.

17. Can I apply with O'level results - WAEC, NECO, NABTEB, etc?

Yes, someone will SSCE result can apply for N-Agro, N-Tech, N-Build, or N-creative?

18. Can a serving Corper apply for Npower?

Yes, you can. There is an option to choose between NYSC completed or in progress within the form. You can make your choice there.

19. Npower Website Not Opening, what can I do?

Check back. Some problems are due to congestion and the support team is working on it. Pages should respond with time. Relax as no closing date has been announced. Hence, we should have more time.

20. Can NCE holders apply for Npower?

Yes. An NCE holder is recognized as a graduate. He can apply for any of the categories available. However, he is more qualified for N-Teach.

21. Is it true that the Npower website has been hacked and BVN being exposed?

No. There is nothing like that. No official reports and authentic evidence for these reports. People are only trying to discourage you from applying so that competition will not be too much. As a result, they can be favored with the list.

It's possible to fill the form on the wrong website. This is why you shouldn't be taking links from Facebook or Whatsapp Group chats to fill the form. This is the official website

22. Any official Npower helpline to call?

Yes, you can check for several means to contact the Npower support team here. Or call any of these numbers too: 0906000045, 09060000446. Npower has more helpline and official channels here.

23. While attempting to upload credentials for the Npower application, I received the error, "invalid credentials". Why?

Be sure you scan your documents and make sure they're in .jpeg format or file. Be also sure that you upload the right document for each space don't make the size more than 2mb for quick processing.

24. What are the stages involved in the Npower?

Stage 1: Application, Stage 2: Shortlisting, Stage 3: Screening, Stage 4: Pass, Stage 5: #30,000 per month.

25. Is it true that Npower Tests had been Scheduled?

No. Npower test schedules are yet to be released. The timetable for the test in circulation was the 2017 test schedule. Ignore it.

26. Is it true that SSCE that applied for N-Build or Agro should count themselves out?

No. N-build, Tech, and Creative are strictly meant for SSCE holders. Whereas, Npower has also requested SSCE holders to apply for Agro too in the 2020 application exercise. Graduates can apply for Agro as usual.

27. Is it possible to edit the submitted application?

No. You can't edit your Npower application after the submission - at least not yet.

28. Is it true that Npower is already sending emails or messages to applicants for test or confirmation?

No. Npower has not been sending any emails or messages yet. You may be contacted later but not yet.

29. After the application, I didn't see any email message when I checked, Why?

No. Npower didn't send messages to any applicant's email yet. It's general - not only you.

30. There is nothing to print after the application, why?

Generally, Npower doesn't ask you to print anything after the registration. Once, you're able to login with your email and the password to the Npower portal, you should have access to your application number or a confirmation page for successful submission. 

But for the record purpose, you can print the confirmation page and keep it in case you don't have access later to your portal.

31. I printed the page but my name is not on it, why?

Npower, this time, doesn't show applicants' names on the confirmation pages. You will only need your reference number to check your status when the time comes.

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  1. Can someone apply if he/she don't have any result but am above 18

    1. Actually No. However, there is options for people who didn't go to school or those with SSCE, JSS 3, Primary 6.


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