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Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Can I do Change of Institution After Post UTME? See Answer

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When I posted, "Schools whose post-UTMEs Still on Sales", my intention was to help candidates who had already done one or two post UTMEs before but were not fortunate to pass or be offered admission. Hence, the post was to renew their hope.

Then, I dropped a comprehensive answer to the question, "Can I Change Course After Post UTME?" That was written to help candidates who were contemplating on whether it's possible to do a change of course even though they'd completed the post UTME exams or screening their proposed universities, polytechnics or colleges of education.

This post is going to be a twin brother to the one linked above. It has the right answer to the question, "Can I change My Institution after Post UTME?"

Just like its twin brother, it's possible to change institution after you'd done post UTME of another university, polytechnic or college.

I must have got you well covered in my post, "Will I Be Offered Admission if I Change Institutions?" One reason you may be asking this question is if you're afraid the new school may not offer you admission.

As a matter of fact, you can change your institution after you'd done any number of post UTME before. Before now, JAMB only allows two time changes for candidates. But now, you change as many times as possible on new payments.

That said, there are things to consider before making a move to a new school.

What To Be Conscious Of Before Changing Institution After Post UTME

  1. Make sure that the new school has enough time to the closing date of their post UTME. It will be better if their form is yet to come out.
  2. Be sure that you do the school change of institution on the JAMB portal first before you do the school post UTME. This is because some schools may not be accepting the change of institution from JAMB again. If your proposed school has stopped accepting changes, you can consider another that is still taking in more changes. See more on this in my post, "Universities and Others Accepting Change of Institutions and Those Who Are Not"
  3. You're no longer limited to changing institution/course twice. You can, of course, change as many times as possible.
  4. Once you change you may not expect admission form the previous school again. I covered this in my post, "After Changing Institution, Can The Previous School Offer Me Admission? See Answer"

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