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11 Courses That Prepare You To Start Businesses

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Looking for a college or university course to start a business is getting common today. Do you know why? Business is more certain than looking for jobs after graduation. 

In fact, a few people are asking me how to go around searching for befitting jobs after NYSC lately. I received more emails and one-on-one consultations on business ideas a graduate can pursue after leaving school.

This is why a piece like this will be a good read for admission seekers. It’s high time we stopped chasing courses because of their beauty or old glories, for that matter. We now need degree/college courses that will prepare you for the business world more than ever before.

Having a degree in this set of courses will keep you smiling while coming out of the class as you’re not only certified for the labor market but also for the business world and self-employment.

Just in my recent post, I condemned some courses and I warned parents, guardians, and students from pursuing them. 

There, I shared my personal experiences and stories from others who had literally wasted four or more years in classes believing they would be employable after school. But to their surprise, the labor market was only opened to a few prepared families for such courses.

Back to this topic, below is a list of courses anybody can chase in a college or university which will prepare him or her to be ready for his or her own business upon graduation

1. & 2. Business Management and Entrepreneurship

Needless to say, these courses aim at preparing you to run businesses after graduation. You should be fit to work with a team of other managers to bring a business to glory or start your own business.

And now that getting a job is getting tough as organizations are finding all means to cut recurrent spending, you may be let down for an office job after school. Hence, you’re more likely going to stand on your own - starting and running a venture using the stock of academic and practical experiences acquired while at the university.

3. & 4. Accounting and Finance

I recommend these courses if you want to own a business after your degree. Even though you’d wanted to work in banks and financial houses, the gate may not be that wide for everyone.

Your knowledge of accounting, record keeping, and financial management is highly needed by businesses out there as a consultant. You can consult for small and medium-sized companies to get them out of financial messes or save them from entering any.

They’re really ready to pay for your services; especially where such businesses want to save some bucks by avoiding employing a permanent account or financial manager.

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5. & 6. Mass Communication and Information Management Technology

When you’re done with these courses, you may not have a radio or news house to look up to. Yet, you’re good to start a business journey as soon as you drop your pen.

A wider space is waiting for you as a freelancer, internet marketer, blogger, or SEO consultant. This is not a defense, but rather, to let you know that thousands of people with communication backgrounds and those who had none, had made it in blogging and online publications.

You consume daily news on the net just like a million other people. This is a money bank for any graduate of Mass Communication and Information technology.

With a laptop, and internet access - backed with ideas to share with the world, you can forever rake in thousands of dollars in AdSense, affiliate earnings, and direct adverts forever.

7. Marketing

If I must be asked to do it again, I would love to go for marketing. If you think marketing is difficult, it’s where money resides. Any business will need the services of a marketing manager. And if they don’t employ you directly, you can be their next marketing/advertising consulting firm.

Good knowledge of Marketing combined with Mass Communication – in blogging, SEO, etc can catapult you beyond your imagination. It’s unfortunate today that, people who are not marketers, in university classes, are making their livings with marketing while the trained graduates for it are looking up to the over-saturated labor market.

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8. & 9. Computer Science and Engineering

It shouldn't be a must to look for jobs if you’re a graduate of computer science and engineering. You’ve been trained to be a computer specialist. Your services are needed by an ever-hungry market of students, professionals, and businesses.

From computer specialists to software developers, analysts, web designers, graphic designers, etc, there seems to be no limit to how you can be making money.

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10. & 11. English and Literary Studies, Guardian and Counseling

While as an English major you’re a trained communicator, making it in blogging and freelance services should be easy for you. All that this industry requires is your writing skills. You can be one of the top 10 bloggers in this country within a few years. I hope you know what that means for you.

Guardian and Counseling is one of the most underrated courses around here. This is more because there seem to be a few labor demands for it. Having said that, you shouldn’t aim to work with any organization in the first place after your years in school. You’re a ready-made counselor who generally people are looking for. More and more people are taking to the internet for advice, guides, and recommendations because they don’t want to expose their little secrets to the world.

Writing or YouTubing (vlogging) about people’s problems and proffering solutions can make you lots of money. You equally can end up being a celebrity.

Starting a counseling service in a major city, also, may attract a few clients who are ready to subscribe to your professional services.

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