FUOYE School Fees (Freshers and Returning) FT/PT

When seeking admission, the Federal University Oye Ekiti comes to mind. For one reason, it's a federal-owned university - with tuition expected to be very affordable. For another reason, it's relatively new and the fee shouldn't break the bank.

Well, you may be right or wrong depending on what you define as being affordable or cheap. In this post, I will break down the university's fees - tuition, acceptance, departments, and other payments.

Federal University Oye Ekiti Fees

Please note that the fees below will be divided into full-time undergraduate and part-time undergraduate. 

FUOYE Freshers Undergraduate Fees (Full-Time)

  1. Post UTME form: N2000
  2. Change of Course: N2500
  3. Acceptance Fee N50,000 (Law, Radiography, Physiology, and Pharmacy Acceptance Fee: N70,000)
  4. Tuition (Art, Education & Mgt): N99,000
  5. Tuition (Science, Science Education, Agriculture, and Engineering Sundry Fees ): N107,500
  6. Law and Pharmacy: N201500
  7. Medical Fee: N20,000
  8. Medical Insurance: NN3,500
  9. Student Handbook: N8,000
  10. Student Union Dues: N1,000

FUOYE Freshers Undergraduate Fees (Part-Time)

  1. Application: N20,000
  2. Screening Fee: N8,000
  3. Acceptance Fee N30,000
  4. Tuition (Art, Education & Mgt): N110,000
  5. Tuition (Science): N120,000
  6. Medical Fee: N20,000
  7. Medical Insurance: NN3,500
  8. Student Handbook: N8,000
  9. Student Union Dues: N1,000

Of course, there will be some petty payments (especially for individual departments) not included in the list above and can change from time to time. Fees may also vary slightly among departments.

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FUOYE Returning Students (Full-Time) Fees

  1. Science, Agriculture, And Engineering Sundry: N48,000
  2. Faculty Of Pharmacy Sundry: N101,500

FUOYE Returning Students (Part-Time) Fees

  1. Arts, Education, Social Science, Management Sciences Sundry: N84,000


It's expected to have some variances year in and year out, as of now, that is the breakdown of FUOYE fees. I will be sure to update it as more information is made available.

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