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UNIOSUN Asks Me To Upload Result, Change Course: Why?

After releasing the screening results, the next thing the management of the Osun State University will do is release the admission lists to the JAMB portal and later (usually shortly after) to the school portal.

At this time, some students when checking their admission status on the school portal, will see instructions or complaints telling them to upload their O'level results to the JAMB portal. Another instructor will tell them to change their on the JAMB portal too.

This is what happened to the student that just contacted me on this issue. Whereas, these students, like many others, have received earlier and uploaded their O'level results. They've even changed the courses they're pursuing. 

So, what happened? Why is the portal still asking them to upload results and change courses if they've already done that? You'll have your answer in this post.

Generally, the UNIOSUN Portal Will Show These Instruction to All Applicants on Awaiting Lists

If you've applied for the university's screening and seen your result, once the school is set to give you admission or start to release lists, these instructions will show up on all aspirants' portals. Candidates who are not yet on the proposed admission lists won't see these yet!

UNIOSUN portal instructions

Hence, if you're seeing these instructions, it's not only you. All others, who are qualified to be shortlisted on both JAMB and school admission lists, are seeing the same on the portals too.

In fact, it won't matter whether you've uploaded your O'level results or changed to the course earlier or not, these instructions are the first sign that you're already admitted but a few things are required to be completed before the lists will be live.

The management just uses this method to create awareness that they're about to release their lists. With these, if you've one of the two affected activities undone, you can quickly go and do that.

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Ignore The Instructions If You've Already Uploaded and Correctly Changed your Course

If you've changed your course correctly on the JAMB portal, ignore the corresponding instructions and warnings. In other words, if the course on your JAMB portal is the same as the one on UNIOSUN's portal, ignore the instruction about changing of course.

If you've already uploaded the results to the JAMB portal, ignore the instructions too. In other words, if you've checked your result on the JAMB portal and you have seen that appearing on the JAMB CAPS, you don't need to do any uploading again.

Do As Instructed If Anything Is Missing

In case your O'level results are not on the JAMB portal, you must act immediately. Don't just say, "I've uploaded it" or "A CBT center has helped me upload it". Make sure you log in to your JAMB portal and navigate to the CAPS section "My O'level". Click on that and see if the subjects are there.

Similarly, if you change to UNIOSUN, having the change of institution or course slip is not enough. You must log in to your JAMB portal, and navigate to the JAMB CAPS section, "My choices". Here, be sure it's UNIOSUN standing as your first-choice institution, and the course you're proposing is standing right next to that.

If you've truly changed but your old choices are still appearing, click on the refresh button below the page so as to make the last changes appear instead.


If you're an aspiring student at Osun State University, encountering instructions to upload your O'level results and change your course on the JAMB portal can be a source of confusion and concern. 

However, it's essential to understand that these notifications are a standard procedure employed by the university to signal the imminent release of admission lists. These prompts are not exclusive to you; all applicants, to be offered admissions, will encounter them.

If you've already accurately uploaded your O'level results and correctly changed your course on the JAMB portal, there's no need to worry. You can safely disregard these instructions. But if any component is missing, especially your O'level results on the JAMB portal, swift action is required. 

Ensure that your JAMB portal reflects the necessary changes, and don't hesitate to follow through with any outstanding tasks. Your persistence and attention to detail will help you navigate the admission process smoothly.

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