Is HND Still Valid After Abolishing Higher National Diploma? -

Is HND Still Valid After Abolishing Higher National Diploma?

Question from a Reader:

I had read some updates lately that the Federal Government has discontinued HND in polytechnics. A series of information saying that HND is no more valid.

My question is, if this happens, does it mean HND is no more valid?

Is HND still valid After Abolishing the Higher National Diploma?

It’s true that the Federal government has resolved to discontinue HND at our various polytechnics especially the federal-owned.

It’s equally true that the existing federal polytechnics will be attached to (affiliated with) some federal universities. Therefore, those polytechnics will be producing their ND holders to degree programs of those universities. This will be possible through direct entry.

However, some polytechnics lately still sold and are still selling HND forms. This shows you that this process will take a few years before it works fully.

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The discontinuation is still in progress, for short!

Meanwhile, when this abolition is achieved eventually, it won’t render existing HND certificates invalid.

Hence, if you hold HND before now or in the future (before total switching), you don’t have anything to fear. Your certificate is still valid - for further studies, jobs, and careers.

In fact, I gave more clues in my post, “Abolishing HND and Bsc Dichotomy: Latest Thing You Must Know

Note also that the federal government has really got close to equating your certificate with BSC (degree). This is a new bonus for all HND holders.

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