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NPower Batch C: What Next After Fingerprints Enrollment?

After Npower registration comes the profile updates and online test. And after that was the fingerprint enrollment for the batch C stream 1 shortlisted applicants.

These lucky applicants are now curious to know what will follow the shortlisting and fingerprint/biometric enrollments.

This post will guide you on what to expect next after being shortlisted and you'd done your fingerprints capturing.

The Next Stage is the Posting/Deployment of Beneficiaries

As soon as the fingerprint registration is over, applicants should be on the lookout for the posting stage. The posting stage is the process of deploying the selected candidates to their state, local government, and places of services as a Npower beneficiary.

In case, you're wondering if they won't do the physical checking or screening of your credentials and documents before the posting, once you're deployed, all local governments and their affected authorities are saddled with the responsibility of checking the credentials of selected and posted beneficiaries to be sure they will be fit for the jobs ahead.

If you're screened otherwise, the authority reserves the right to report to the appropriate places or for the worst, decline and report you to Npower support team for necessary actions.

The Fingerprint Enrollment Stamps Your Selection

Some candidates are still in doubt as to whether after the fingerprints capturing, they may still be dropped or not shortlisted eventually.

Nothing like that.

You've been chosen and no more fear of being unselected.

However, except you don't have the academic qualification claimed during the registration and data update, no other authority can drop you off the list. 

If by any means, you fail the physical screening, you may be reconsidered for other assignments as earlier stated or reported to Npower for the right actions.

Still in Doubt that There Could be More Stages After the Fingerprints Enrollment

Npower has carefully given you clues to the stages they will follow in selecting candidates from the registration stage if you can just log in to your profile now and check.

The first stage is the Npower registration or online application. Below is the first stage and you can see that under OVERVIEW.

The overview represents the registration or application stage.

The second stage is SCREENING.

You've done this when you updated your profile and attempted the online test.

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This stage has two activities in it. Those shortlisted are expected to capture their fingerprints.

Note that the same is expected of Batch C stream 2 applicants.

The fourth and final stage is DEPLOYMENT.

Here, you're expected to be posted to the appropriate state and local government-owned establishments e.g schools, hospitals, farms, etc. 

After being posted to their places of primary assignments, beneficiaries will be required to print their deployment letters, sign them with their contact persons. After this, they will scan and upload the signed letters to their Npower portals. 

The Npower support team will confirm the upload and include you for monthly payment.

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  1. When will they start shortlisting for street 2

    1. No date officially announced yet. I will update this post as soon as we have official announcements.

  2. Replies
    1. No date announced yet. Be on the lookout.

    2. Was shortlisted for biometric which i did but wasn't deployed so i decided to use the *45665# code and the message i received was that u are not selected pls what is my fate

    3. I was shortlisted for biometric which i did but wasn't deployed so i decided to use the *45665# code to check the message sent to me was u are not selected pls what is my fate

  3. When deployment or verification will start I mean for stream 2?

    1. No official date announced yet. You will need to be patient.

  4. I have done the thumbprint but check on my deployment status, still shows I am not a beneficiary yet.

    1. Yes, it's like that for others too. That information will change after you've been asked to go to your local government for screening.


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