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Npower Verification Done But No Feedback or No Further Instructions

Question form Mine Nude

I did the Npower verification last year but I haven't heard or got any feedback since after then. What should I do please?

Npower Verification Done But No Feedback or No Further Instructions

This question keeps coming up.

I had got a few people asking the same question.

These Npower applicants had done verification of documents at their respective local governments but no further information as to whether they were selected finally or not.

Another related case is those who were called for verification after the first general screening. These candidates, mostly belong to the categories of N-build, N-Tech, or N-Finance.

I don't know the category Mine belongs to but I will handle both cases in the response.

Took Part in The General Npower Verification But Not Selected

If you're one of those applicants that were shortlisted online and instructed to go to your local government NOA offices for the physical screening of credentials, but after that, no further updates, read this.

Perhaps, you missed something.

After the verification, each applicant could log in here to see their final status. If verified successfully and qualified, your status should show selected. If otherwise, it will state that too.

If you can't log in (usually with your phone) it could mean you were not finally selected or you went wrongly for verification in the first place.

Called for Verification Later But No Update Again

This is pathetic.

I've seen people for N-build, N-Tech or Finance category who received SMS that they should proceed to the Npower portal to do their online test and wait for feedback. And since the submission of the online test, no information from the team again.

If you fall into this category, follow the guide to contact Npower Team. Most candidates had contacted them and solutions had been proffered to their issues.

A similar case is those who were asked after the first GENERAL verification to go to their local government NOA office for their own screenings.

These people had been verified but no further updates since.

I advise you to go back to the NOA office to ask how far about things. If you can't, kindly contact the Npower support team. They will let you know your fate.


There is actually no better solution than to talk to the people at the office of affairs. It may take a few days, but they will eventually help you out.

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