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How to Start Blogging in School and at Work

The reason to start blogging
If you're still skeptical, as I was before I started blogging, you may still be wondering if starting a blog is still worth it today. The future may be in it for you dear.

In fact, while you're wondering, I just recently had a few searches on my blog including "how to start a blog for free", "how to start a blog and make money", "how to start a blog business", "how to start a blog WordPress", "free blog maker", "starting a blog in 2020" etc.

Seriously, blogging is an aged adventure. And if this is not working, no one will be searching for "how-to".

This doesn't imply that it works for everybody. No! It's yours to find out how it's working for those being favored. And that's what this post and the whole blog are all about.

I hate starting late.

I suggest blogging or freelance should be a course in our universities and colleges.

Do you know why?

Blogging is becoming a life-saver for stranded students, unemployed graduates, laid-off, and unsatisfied employees.

Even if you’re not stranded, unemployed or unsatisfied, blogging is beyond money. It’s a platform to express yourself and your feelings and showcase your interest, passion, and knowledge.

And if you're like me, it’s a great way to earn the so-called “unearned or passive income”.

Imagine making money while sleeping and you’re not Bill Gate. Imagine writing some articles once and in the next twenty years, you’re still raking in some dollars from your works and you’re not a best-seller author.

What will your world be like if you can be among the few who are not working for money for the last half of their lives?

Interest and Passion Bring Money to Blogging

I was actually stranded after school. I had nothing more than my certificate and a fresh brain that was ready to learn anything new.

I tried putting my cert to work but failed in the long run. I got some jobs in the early days. But later realized that the older I got, the more responsibilities and expenses to cater for.  Then, where would the money come from? Is this enough to grow old with?

The pages containing the answers to those questions were blank.

I had to come up with something I could work hard on while I still had the energy and brain fresh to learn. There comes the blogging thing!

Had I known this earlier, I could have started in my school days. But it’s never too late to start from here. I could start right here and I did.

Since I had a passion for a few topics like education, computer, and the internet, I thought I could share my knowledge with the world and see how truly people are claiming they're making money through this adventure. See 4 Super Approaches to Create, Build and Run Authority Blogs.

What is the outcome? Answer in the rest of the post!

My Blogging Adventure Suffered a Big Blow

You know what it’s like when you don’t have enough knowledge about something. You can easily be frustrated. You can bounce back so quickly.

I tried to learn the basics of blogging and started right there. And truly that’s the best way for anybody to start. Start where you are. Things will fall your way with time.

Within a few weeks, something bad happened.

I was out of topics to write. I was not really motivated because I wasn’t making any money. Google only knew me but never ranked me for people to read my posts. I tried sharing my posts with a few friends and families – I wasn’t sure they were impressed.

Mind you, I'd, with time, learned techniques to never run out of topics. You'll love what I shared in the post, "7 Tactics Pros Use to Never Dry Out of Content Ideas: Beginners' Guide".

Was that the end of my journey in blogging? No!

I moved on, but wrongly. How?

I started using other people’s posts on my blog. With this, I could keep making the blog active.

Did this really help?

Seriously, No!

I called this the number one mistake in blogging. You can see the rest of my copying and pasting story in the link above. Though I had seen cases of a few people who copied and pasted to earn for a long time. Yet, I'll never recommend that to you. Nemesis will catch up with them in time.

However, I did this in the year 2008. This time, Google wasn’t that smart. In fact with copy and paste you could make some dollars with Adsense in a few years.

But that never work again. The smartest company in the wide world now is the big “G”. Unless you follow these methods to share other people's content, they will flog you sooner or later.

100 Dollars Came by Check After I Quit

When my method didn’t work for a time, I quit. That’s my dirty secret. I had to look elsewhere.

As a young guy and a fresh graduate, it can be frustrating starting out blogging when you’re no more depending on your parents and there are no other ways to be making money.

This is why I will advise you – if you’re an unemployed graduate; not getting support from parents, kindly find a job to support yourself while you’re taking your blogging seriously on a part-time basis.

I lost my blog to frustration and I got a computer attendant position at a computer center. This I did for about three years.

One day I got a mail from Google. It’s a $100 check for my Adsense earnings. Wow! I couldn’t believe this.

How on earth did this happen?

This was the time Google would send checks for your earnings. But now, you can receive alerts from your bank as soon as Google pays.

Mind you, it’s true that I didn’t operate the blog for about three years. No new posts, no checking, no editing – Nothing. Yet, a few people were being taken to the blog through information searching on Google. And from their clicks on ads I placed, I made N41,000 (today's value).

The first thought after converting the check to Naira was, “even though I wasn’t doing anything on this blog for years, I still got paid. What if I’d taken it seriously at all times?”

Then, my new blogging adventure started!

Start Blogging Now and Don’t Quit

You’ve learned from me that quitters never win.

A majority of bloggers eventually quit when Google is just noticing them. Some quit a year into the game. Some, two years.

I know your thought – for how long do you have to wait before you earn well from this?

I can guarantee that this varies. But what matters is your first 100 dollars. As soon as you get that, it becomes sleeker day after day.

My first $100 propelled my new journey.

I got the second pay 6 months later because I had to redesign the website. I deleted all the posts that were not mine. I put in my own voice and work out how to have my own readership using the power of evergreen content and email newsletters.

That’s the solution to not using the copy and paste method. It works if you can just put your words down and in your own way. Once people love your voice and presentation, you own them.

My third payment was three months after the second and it was $200 this time. My fourth was $300 in just a month.

That’s how it works.

It gets easier as time goes on. Don’t quit yet!

What Will Keep You Up While Waiting for Checks

After collecting the first check, I stood up to work and keep earning for life. But it took another six months before I hit the $100 threshold. The wait was too long for such a small wage.

But with what I earned months after, the waiting was worth it.

And if I must be frank with you, if you’re just starting out blogging and your main income is from Adsense, you may not have the $100 until the end of the first year. Can you wait that long?

It’s hard, but you now agree it works and is worth it.

In order to keep working while my purse was dried in the early days, I pictured myself as a farmer and my blog as the field.

As a farmer, I must plow and plant. Then, weed, wet (irrigate), and control pests. After these, comes harvesting. If I do all these rightly, the bountiful harvest is guaranteed. Do you agree?

But in blogging, you’re more than just an ordinary farmer, you’re a cocoa farmer.

It may take you 5 years before the first harvest. But once you start, you keep raking in cash every year. And if you leave this world, your children may inherit the farm.

This basis keeps me going till today.


It’s easy to take anybody by hand and show him how to blog and make money therefrom. But nothing has ever been so difficult as making someone stay motivated and keep pushing while waiting for the first hundred dollars.

If I can do it, anybody can. You can start right away if you follow my guide in, "How to Start Blogging from the Start in Just 5 Minutes– Using"

The earlier the better in this world really. This is because there is so much to learn and you can only do that with time. Take it up right from here. It doesn’t matter if you’re still a student, just coming out of a university, or working somewhere.

Did you experience what I experienced here? Have you quit blogging because checks are not coming before? Are you ready to go forth with blogging? Are you still not sure if this is right for you? Leave a comment below.

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