Can I Look for and Get Jobs During NYSC/Service Year? -

Can I Look for and Get Jobs During NYSC/Service Year?

Most of us will look for jobs after school. Of course, not everybody will want to consider starting his own business right away.

However, there is a need to know if NYSC allows you to search for jobs during the service year. A few corpers have asked if they could look for jobs or be employed, by another organization, during their time serving at NYSC.

There is a conscious need to find out before you fall victim to NYSC sanctions. The service seems to have a punishment for every misstep. To camp requires you to follow certain rules. There are rules for the service months. So also, there are guidelines to seek traveling permission during the service year.

So, is it an offense to look for jobs during the NYSC year? Are there any sanctions or punishment awaiting you if the corps finds out you're looking for jobs or you'd got another job while still serving?

This post will answer this question and related ones.

Corpers Can Search for Jobs While Serving

Although the entire NYSC bye-law is silent as to whether a serving corp can seek and secure employment during NYSC or not, this could be a direct interpretation that, you can work on getting a job, accept an offer, and retain one while you're on the clarion call. The silence of the bye-law, on this, is simply interpreted as YES.

In fact, from experience, NYSC time is usually the time all graduates will be getting prepared for the life ahead of which getting befitting jobs is an integral part.

Hence, you should probably utilize the time to look for a job and if secured, keep it. No official sanction is waiting for you if things are done well. More on this later.

Official and External Engagements Show that NYSC Wants You to Get a Job While Serving

Though only a very few corpers end up being retained by their employers at the end of the one-year national service, NYSC is aware of this before posting corpers. 

NYSC, in fact, had on different occasions, implored employers and stakeholders to retain their deserving corpers. 

Of course, no jobs out there. And if a corper deserves it, the employer will do fine retaining him or her.

During my service year, the Niger State Ministry of Education talked to me about their proposal to retain me as a teacher.

I declined, of course, because I didn't have the plan to leave the rest of my life in the north. Accepting the offer could be a journey into an unknown future.

This could come for any corper during the service year and NYSC, itself, is aware.

Other forms of jobs that may come your way during the service year include internships, INEC jobs, Population Commission jobs, etc. 

Although those may not be permanent offers, when such opportunities open up, you can take them without any sanctions, as NYSC is aware of and even encourage it.

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Don't Mistake Partisan Politics For Job or Employment

Having said that you could still look for a job during the service year, you should be aware that partisan politics or any similar engagement is not tolerated by NYSC.

Accordingly, the corps has warned that no corper is allowed to solicit financial help from an individual or organization during the service year.

Under no circumstances, should you seek funds from individuals, State, and Local Governments, companies, and multinationals, to execute a project or similar purpose without the consent of the State Coordinator. Otherwise, 

As for the sanction, 

  1. such a coper shall be tried by the Corps Disciplinary Committee and, if found guilty, shall be liable to the following penalties: (i) Non-recognition of the project for any award; and (ii.) Extension of service for twenty-one (21) days without pay.
  2. Any member who takes part in partisan politics is liable to extension of service for a period not less than three (3) months without pay.

Won't the New Job Affect the Service?

Of course, if you get employed by any organization during the service year, it should have a direct impact on your national service.

In this case, it'll be wise if you can discuss your status with your new employer. If they can agree with your on a part-time basis, you should be able to handle the two assignments together until you're discharged from NYSC.

If that won't be possible, speak to your Zonal inspector unofficially. They're aware of your situation and they are familiar with similar cases in the past. They will guide you on what to do next so that you won't lose the offer.

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