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Is NECO Accepted by All Schools (Universities)?

When seeking admission or deciding which one to go for between WAEC or NECO, you may need to know if NECO is accepted by all schools. A student who asked if NECO was acceptable for admission by all universities intended to know whether his or her NECO result would be accepted if it's put in for admission.

In this post, we will be focusing on this topic: "Is NECO result acceptable in all universities?" which is another way of seeking to know the list of schools (universities, polytechnics, colleges of nursing, colleges of health, college of education, etc.) that are accepting NECO.

Without argument, because WAEC was the first Senior Secondary School Exam (SSCE) before NECO (NECO started 2000), it is common knowledge that WAEC is widely acceptable even abroad. However, the acceptability of NECO, both at local and foreign universities, is still an area of confusion for many.

So, let's address this once and for all.

NECO is Acceptable By All Schools in Nigeria

No need to second-guess it, NECO is like the VIP pass to any higher institution in Nigeria. Seriously, just flip through the JAMB brochure, check out admission requirements, and you'll see NECO's name shining bright like a star.

It's not some insider info, it's common knowledge – NECO is the real deal. Every college, university, and their grandma accepts it without a second thought. It's like the golden ticket to academic success.

So, if you're aiming high and dreaming big, NECO is your trusty sidekick. Don't stress about whether your favorite school will give you the nod, because with NECO, you're practically in the club. It's the language they all speak when it comes to admission.

NECO is Acceptable By Many Universities Abroad

Guess what? NECO isn't just a local hero – it's gone international!

Yep, you heard it right. Many universities abroad are totally cool with NECO. It's like our trusty passport to global education. But hey, just to be on the safe side, if you're eyeing a foreign university and wondering if they'll give NECO a thumbs-up, hit them up.

Don't leave it to chance – shoot them a message, give them a call, slide into their DMs, whatever it takes. Ask them straight up if NECO is on their guest list for admission parties. It's better to be sure than to have any doubts when you're dreaming big and thinking global.

You Can Use NECO Only For Admission Without Combining it With WAEC

Hey there, breaking news – you can totally roll with just NECO for your admission, no need to team up with WAEC!

For real, if you've aced all your subjects and grades in NECO, you're golden. Forget the stress of juggling both NECO and WAEC; NECO is holding its own in the admission game. It's like telling WAEC, "Hey buddy, I got this covered with NECO alone."

So, if you're thinking, "Do I really need to deal with both?" Nah, you don't. NECO is your one-stop shop for that ticket to academic success. It's like having a solo dance party – all eyes on you, NECO!

You Can Also Combine Two NECO Results For Admission

Flex alert! Good news for the strategic planners out there – you can totally team up two NECO results for your admission game plan.

Picture this: You're eyeing a course that's cool with two sittings. Guess what? You can bring in two NECO results to the party. Mix and match like a pro – it could be two NECO June/July sessions from different years, or spice it up with a combo of NECO June/July and NECO Nov/Dec from the same or different years.

It's like creating your own winning blend for admission success. So, if anyone asks if you can pull off a double NECO move, tell them, "Absolutely!" It's all about playing smart and making the most of the opportunities. 

You Can Combine NECO With Other SSCE e.g. WAEC, NABTEB

Mix and match alert! Here's the lowdown – you're not limited to just one flavor. If your dream course allows result combos, go ahead and create your own mixtape by combining NECO with other SSCE stars like WAEC or NABTEB.

Whether it's NECO June/July or NECO Nov/Dec, it's all fair game. Pair it up with any series of WAEC or NABTEB results, and you've got yourself a powerhouse combo. It's like assembling your dream team for the admission playoffs.

So, if anyone asks if NECO can team up with its buddies from WAEC or NABTEB, tell them, "Absolutely, it's a squad goal!" Your results, your rules – and you're the captain of this admissions ship. 


The acceptability of NECO results in both Nigerian and international universities is well-established. Nigerian higher education institutions widely recognize NECO, and an increasing number of foreign universities are also embracing its validity. 

Students can confidently use NECO as a standalone qualification for admission, and the flexibility to combine two NECO results provides additional options. By dispelling uncertainties and addressing common concerns, this discussion aims to empower students with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about their educational pursuits.

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