Can I Edit an NDA Form After Submission? -

Can I Edit an NDA Form After Submission?

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This guide provides detailed steps for editing your NDA application form under various circumstances, ensuring that you can correct any errors or discrepancies before final submission. Whether you've not completed the registration, saved the application without submission, or already submitted it, there are options available to make necessary changes. By following these steps, you can ensure that your application is accurate and complete, increasing your chances of success in the admission process.

For certain reasons, you may need to edit your NDA application form. I've seen students who made mistakes with their date of birth, state of origin, phone number, and other details. At my office, we once submitted a candidate's application before realizing that the state of origin appearing on his JAMB form was different from the one provided for NDA registration. Both must match!

So, in such scenarios or if any errors arise during your NDA application, what should you do? Is it possible to edit? If yes, how should you proceed?

This post will address your question under three circumstances:

  1. You've not completed the registration before noticing the mistakes.
  2. You've completed the application and saved it but not submitted it finally.
  3. You've completed and submitted it finally.

You Can Edit an Uncompleted Form by Changing the Input

If you're still in the middle of the application process, even if you've logged out midway, you can still log in and edit the fields with errors. When filling out the form, you'll details section by section – starting with the bio-data section, followed by schools attended with dates, O'level results, and then choices of NDA programs, etc. Each section is automatically saved once you proceed to the next.

If you need to edit a previous section, simply click back or log out, then log in and navigate to the relevant sections. When you reach the affected fields, click on them and make the necessary changes.

After saving, proceed to the next section. The updated information will be active. You can then complete your application and submit it finally, ensuring that you've corrected any errors.

You Can Edit Saved NDA Application Forms

When filling out the NDA form, the system allows candidates to save, in the end, after filling everything out if they're not ready for final submission. If you've utilized this option to save the application without submitting it finally, you can easily log in to your portal, click on "edit application" and correct any errors before final submission.

If you're waiting for your JAMB exam slip (to copy the JAMB exam number) before finally submitting your NDA form, you might have only saved your progress until now. Log in to see if you're in the right mode. If yes, edit and submit when you believe everything is correct.

You Can Delete Existing NDA Application and Start Over

Even if you've already submitted your form before realizing your mistakes, you can still edit it. However, this process will not follow the same pattern as editing before submission. To edit the NDA form after submission or possibly printing, you'll need to log in to your application portal, locate "Delete Application," and click on it to remove all the filled bio-data, scanned and uploaded documents, passports, etc.

With that, your application will be reopened for you to fill out everything again. This is a tedious process as it will require refilling every data, rescanning and uploading passports and other documents, and finally reprinting the form after the new submission. Reprinting is necessary because the application number will also change.

Unless the item containing the mistakes is very important and unavoidable, this process may not be worth it. But if it's necessary, it can be done this way.

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