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How to Register Vehicles on e-CMR Portal

The introduction of the e-CMR has empowered motor vehicle owners to remotely furnish information about their vehicles, ownership details, and other pertinent information crucial for contemporary policing in the digital age, using internet-enabled devices.

However, a significant number of vehicle owners in Nigeria lack clarity on the steps to secure their CMR Motor Vehicle Information Certificates through the e-CMR portal. This article aims to elucidate the registration process for Nigerian vehicle owners and shed light on the advantages of enrolling their vehicles in the e-CMR portal.

Step-By-Step Registration Guide For Vehicles Registration on e-CMR Portal

Steps to Apply for CMR Motor Vehicle Information Certificate using the e-CMR portal:

Step 1: Visit the official website at

Step 2: Click on "Get Started"

Step 3: Create Profile (Proceed to Step 8 if already created)

  • Choose Profile Type – Personal or Organisation
  • Provide Identification – NIN for Personal, TIN for Organization
  • Enter your identification number
  • Click "Verify"

Step 4: If identity is verified, click "Continue"

Step 5: Confirm email and phone number. If Email is no longer valid, select "No" and enter a valid email. If the Phone Number is not current, select "No" and enter a current phone number. Click "Confirm" to receive a token through the current phone number and valid email address

Step 6: Enter the token and click "Confirm Token"; if confirmed, click "Continue" to proceed

Step 7: Personal Information Page (Review uploaded NIN/TIN information). Select the Current State of Residence and Current LGA of Residence. Confirm if your NIN/TIN address matches your current address. If not, enter your Current Residential Address. If the wrong response is selected, click "Change Selection" to correct it. Create and confirm your password. Click "Next" to proceed.

Step 8: Apply for CMR Motor Vehicle Information Certificate. Log in using access credentials created during Profile creation: Username (Email or Phone Number) and Password (created in the fourth bullet point of Step 7). Click "Login"

Step 9: Choose CMR Request

  • CMR Request – Select a Request
  • CMR Sub-Request – Select Sub-Request
  • Select Number of Requests: (i) Single – for one motor vehicle (ii) Fleet – for more than one motor vehicle in application

Step 10: Vehicle Details. Select Vehicle Category and Plate Number Type. Enter Vehicle Details – (i) State Licensing Officer (where the vehicle was registered/licensed) (ii) State Requesting Form (where the applicant is requesting CMR service)

Step 11: Request Confirmation (carefully review information for accuracy and genuineness). Click "Proceed" to view the invoice and make payment

Step 12: User Profile Features

  • Requests – View Request(s), Sold Vehicles, Print Certificate, etc.
  • Profile – Update/Edit Password, Email, Phone
  • Logout – Exit Portal

Why You Should Enrol Your Vehicle with the e-CMR

The Nigeria Police Force underscores several advantages for citizens enrolling their vehicles in the e-CMR:

  1. A digitalized CMR enhances vehicle security by enabling the police to utilize accurate and real-time information to prevent and swiftly resolve vehicular crimes.
  2. The e-CMR equips the police to enforce motor vehicle-related laws more effectively, including registration and licensing.
  3. The comprehensive database of the e-CMR serves as a deterrent to potential criminals, as the police have access to accurate information, discouraging criminal behavior.
  4. The digitalized CMR expedites investigations, especially in cases of accidents or disputes involving motor vehicles, leading to quick resolution and reduced inconvenience for citizens.
  5. The Nigeria Police Force emphasizes that maintaining accurate vehicular information contributes to national security by enabling the tracking and prompt addressing of vehicles associated with criminal activities.

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