How To Gain Admission To LASU (Lagos State University) -

How To Gain Admission To LASU (Lagos State University)

Lagos State University won't be the third most chosen university in the 2023 admission year. This is just for reference, the university has been winning big when it comes to patronage for years.

So, trying to be on the university's campus is nothing but a true thug of war. Yet, if you know what it takes and meet them, you're more certain to be admitted.

In this post, I'll be working you through the procedures to gain admission to Lagos State University and covering the very significant parts of the journey.

Steps to Gain Admission to Lagos State University (LASU)

Alright, first things first! To gain admission into Lagos State University (LASU), you've got to follow a few essential steps. Remember, it's not rocket science, but it does require some effort and preparation. So, grab a snack, and let's dive in!

1. Crush Your SSCE Exams

The journey begins in high school. You'll need to make sure you do well in your Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (SSCE). LASU considers five required subjects in SSCE, and the higher your grades, the better your chances of admission. So, hit those books, study hard, and give it your best shot!

When it comes to your SSCE exams, aiming for those As and Bs is fantastic! They definitely give you a strong foundation and can boost your overall chances of admission. So, if you can hit it out of the park with those top grades, go for it!

But here's the thing: life is all about balance, and sometimes we might not get all As and Bs. And that's totally okay! LASU understands that not everyone's academic journey is the same. So, if you've got mostly credits (e.g. C4, C5, or C6) on your WAEC, NECO, GCE, or NABTEB card, don't fret.

LASU takes a holistic approach to admissions, which means they consider more than just your SSCE grades. Your JAMB score plays a significant role here too! So, if you have some credits (Cs), you can make up for it by scoring higher in your JAMB exam. It's like a second chance to showcase your academic prowess and dedication.

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2. Make LASU Your First Choice in JAMB (You Can Still Change!)

Once you've aced your SSCE exams, it's time for the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) entrance exam. Here's the deal: LASU requires that you choose them as your FIRST choice during the JAMB registration. They don't consider second-choice applicants. But hey, if you've already selected another university as your second choice and you've had a change of heart, don't fret!

You can still change to LASU as your first choice before they start selling the post-UTME form. And even if the post-UTME form is already on sale, you can usually make the change before it closes. Just keep an eye on the deadlines and make sure to make the switch in time. Flexibility is key, and LASU wants to give every deserving candidate a fair chance!

3. Nail the Right Subjects for Your Desired Course

You've got dreams and aspirations, right? Well, LASU wants to help you achieve them. To make that happen, ensure you write the right subjects in JAMB that align with the course you want to study at LASU. Don't worry; you can find this information in the JAMB brochure. It's like a treasure map to your future!

Candidates who had chosen/written the wrong subjects for JAMB can still change their courses to the ones that correspond with the JAMB subjects before applying to LASU.

4. Score 190 or Above in JAMB (But Aim Higher!)

Alright, let's talk about that all-important JAMB score! LASU's minimum requirement is 190 (as of now), but remember, that's just the minimum. If you can, aim higher! It's like shooting for the stars; you might land on the moon, right?

But here's some great news for those who might not have scored as high as they hoped in JAMB. LASU also takes into account your Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (SSCE) grades. So, if you've got some solid As and Bs in your SSCE results, they can give your JAMB score a little boost! It's like getting a helping hand when you need it most.

Of course, it's always better to have a higher JAMB score, as it opens up more opportunities and increases your chances of getting into your desired course. But don't fret if your JAMB score isn't as high as you wanted it to be. 

LASU values your overall academic performance, and your excellent SSCE grades can definitely work in your favor. So, keep those grades up in SSCE, and give your best shot in JAMB.


5. Participate in the Online Screening Exercise

Congratulations if you've aced your JAMB exam! But there's a little more to go. LASU doesn't conduct any entrance exam or post-UTME. Instead, they have an online screening exercise. It's like a friendly chat with the university to show them why you're an excellent fit for their community. So, be ready to shine!

You'll need to visit LASU's admission portal and fill out the online screening form. The form will require you to provide some personal information, educational background, and course of interest. Be sure to double-check all the information you provide to avoid any mistakes.

During the online screening process, you'll also be required to enter your O'level subjects and corresponding grades. Remember, LASU considers five required subjects for your chosen course, so make sure you input the correct subjects and grades as they appear on your SSCE result.

As mentioned earlier, LASU converts these grades to points, so it's essential to enter accurate information. Take your time and double-check everything before submitting the form.

In the online screening form, you'll also be asked to provide your JAMB score. Simply enter the score you obtained in your JAMB exam. This score will be combined with your O'level points to calculate your post-UTME aggregate score, as we discussed earlier.

Both your O'level subjects/grades and JAMB UTME score will be computed to give what's called the aggregate score. You check a comprehensive guide to calculate the LASU screening/admission aggregate score/point here.

6. Know About Merit and Catchment Areas

Alright, here's some behind-the-scenes stuff! LASU offers admission based on merit and catchment areas. Merit means they look at your overall performance, but they also take into consideration applicants from catchment areas (those closer to the university). 

So, if you're from a catchment area, it might give you a little boost.

LASU, being a state university in Lagos, places a significant emphasis on its catchment areas, especially Lagos indigenes. The university aims to provide educational opportunities to its local residents and contribute to the development of the state. As a result, Lagos indigenes are often given preference in the admission process.

RecommendedHow Does LASU Offer Its Admission to Aspirants?

At times, LASU may conduct a screening or physical checking of evidence of internship for its Lagos-born aspirants. This means that applicants who are originally from Lagos might need to provide additional documentation to support their claims, such as proof of residency or internship within the state. This screening process is aimed at ensuring that the benefits of the university's resources are extended to those with a strong connection to Lagos.

Furthermore, applicants from neighboring states e.g. Osun, Oyo, Ogun, Ektiti, Kwara, and Ondo, which are geographically close to Lagos, may also receive favorable consideration in the admission list. While they might not have the same level of priority as Lagos indigenes, being from a nearby state can give them an advantage over applicants from farther regions.

It's important to note that this emphasis on catchment areas and prioritizing Lagos indigenes and neighboring states is a common practice among many state universities in Nigeria. Each state university typically has its own policies and criteria for admission, and they often aim to balance the need to provide opportunities for local residents while also considering the diversity of their student body.

7. Keep an Eye on Both JAMB and School Portal

Be vigilant, my friend! After the screening exercise, LASU will offer admission through both the JAMB portal and the school portal.

Keep checking both platforms to ensure you don't miss any updates. You may want to check the procedures to check your admission status on both the JAMB and LASU portal here.

Bonus Step for Direct Entry Applicants

Hey, Direct Entry folks, this one's for you! The admission procedure is pretty much the same as for JAMB applicants. So, make sure you meet the entry requirements for Direct Entry (DE) and then follow all the steps we've discussed earlier. You've got this!

Direct Entry applicants need to obtain their academic transcripts from their previous schools (e.g., the institution where they earned their ND, HND, or Bachelor's degree). This is a formal document that provides a detailed record of their academic performance and achievements.

After obtaining the transcripts, applicants should ensure they are sent directly to LASU. The transcripts serve as evidence of your previous academic accomplishments and are an essential part of the evaluation process for Direct Entry candidates.


So, there you have it, the insider's guide to getting into LASU! Remember, it's a journey that requires dedication, hard work, and a positive attitude. Stay focused, keep your eyes on the prize, and don't forget to have some fun along the way.

Good luck, future LASU student! I can't wait to see you rockin' it on campus and making your dreams come true. Go out there and shine like the star you are! 🌟

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