After Studying CHEW, What Next? Career, Salaries, etc. -

After Studying CHEW, What Next? Career, Salaries, etc.

Community Health Extension Workers (CHEWs) are healthcare professionals who provide basic healthcare services to people in rural and remote communities. 

They are trained to deliver a wide range of services, including maternal and child health, family planning, nutrition, hygiene, and disease prevention and control.

CHEWs typically work in partnership with primary healthcare centers, and they are trained to provide health education, diagnose and treat common illnesses, and refer patients to higher-level health facilities as needed.

In many Nigeria, like many other countries, CHEWs are an important part of the healthcare system, particularly in areas where there is a shortage of trained healthcare professionals. 

Here are some of the career potentials of Community Health Extension Workers:

  1. Primary Healthcare Providers: CHEWs are trained to provide basic healthcare services such as maternal and child health services, family planning, immunization, health education, and disease prevention and control. They can work in health clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities as primary healthcare providers.
  2. Community Health Educators: CHEWs are trained to educate communities on healthy living, disease prevention, and health promotion. They can work with community-based organizations, NGOs, and government agencies to provide health education and promotion services.
  3. Health Programme Coordinators: CHEWs can work as program coordinators for health programs such as immunization, HIV/AIDS prevention, and maternal and child health. They can also work with government agencies and NGOs to plan and implement health programs.
  4. Health System Strengthening: CHEWs can play a crucial role in strengthening the healthcare system at the community level. They can work with local health authorities to identify gaps in healthcare services and develop strategies to address them.
  5. Health Research: CHEWs can participate in health research as research assistants, data collectors, and community engagement facilitators. They can work with research institutions, universities, and NGOs to conduct health research.

In short, Community Health Extension Workers have a wide range of career potentials, and their services are essential to improving healthcare access and delivery in many communities.

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Earning Potential of Community Health Extension Workers

The earning potential of Community Health Extension Workers (CHEWs) in Nigeria varies depending on several factors such as level of education, years of experience, location, and employer.

According to the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Health, the entry-level salary for CHEWs is around ₦50,000 to ₦70,000 per month, which is equivalent to roughly $120 to $170 USD per month.

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However, this amount may be higher or lower depending on the employer and the location. For instance, CHEWs working in private hospitals or NGOs may earn more than those working in public health facilities.

Furthermore, the Nigerian government has implemented a policy to increase the salaries of health workers in the country, including CHEWs, in order to address the issue of brain drain and attract and retain health workers. 

The policy includes the implementation of a new salary structure known as the Consolidated Health Salary Structure (CONHESS), which aims to improve the earning potential of health workers, including CHEWs.

The earning potential of CHEWs in Nigeria is modest, but it can increase with additional training and experience and may vary depending on the employer and location.

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