Can I Do Top-Up Degree With a Pass/Lower Credit? -

Can I Do Top-Up Degree With a Pass/Lower Credit?

For some polytechnic and university graduates, it's a distraction as soon as they know their fate that they have to leave the school with passes, lower credits, or second class lower.

We all know that to do well in the labor market, you'd better come out with first-class or distinction. Or in worst cases second-class upper or upper credit.

If by fate you end up with less, you have to look for means to mend up from here.

One of the means to mend up is the top-up degree. Some graduates use it to make up for their weak grades. Some to change courses entirely or to related ones.

But to be admitted for the HND to BSC conversion program, will your lower credit or pass help? Will the prospective university consider you with a second-class lower or pass for the top-up degree?

Let's explore this and solve the puzzle!

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The Three Admission Requirements For Top-Up Degree or HND/BSC Conversion Program

I'd, with a few posts on this blog, established that there are three requirements for a top-up degree or HND/BSC conversion program. These are:

  1. a minimum of five (5) O’Level subjects at credit level In relevant subjects In not more than two (2) sittings in the subjects relevant to their proposed program.
  2. A minimum of a third class or pass division or HND certificate from a recognized institution is required for the program.
  3. Completion or exemption from the mandatory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Scheme

As you can see in the second requirement if you're a BSC holder willing to pick up a top-up degree form, the least requirement is "3rd class or pass". This means a higher grade is also acceptable if you have other reasons to do the top-up program.

Similarly, if you're an HND holder willing to pick up a conversion program form, the minimum requirement is "lower credit or pass". With higher grades, you can apply too.


It's smart to even say that top-up or HND/BSC conversion programs are designed for the lower grades graduates. So, if you're worried about being offered admission into the program because of a weak grade, you're wrong.

You're even more wanted than people with higher grades because rarely do we have people with higher grades who will still want a top-up degree except they want to change course or a holder who wants to be competitive with BSC.

With HND lower credit or pass or BSC 2nd class lower, 3rd class or pass, your admission is SURE for a top-up or HND/BSC conversion program.

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