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Guest Posts vs. Sponsored Posts: Understand the Contrast!

You won't be following me on this blog without getting stuck in a few terms especially if you're a starter. The phrases, "guest post" and "sponsored post" can easily be mistaken to be the same.

Of course, they work almost alike but the concepts are not exactly the same.

For the purpose of education, if you're a blogger, you may want to know where guest posts depart from the sponsored posts.

Let's ride this horse together.

1. Authority vs. Selling

Guest Posts involve crafting high-quality content and sharing it on another website or blog to reach a fresh audience and bolster your credibility. The primary aim of guest posting is to build authority, gain exposure, and enhance your reputation within a specific niche or industry.

In contrast, Sponsored Posts are specifically designed to promote a product, service, or brand. These posts are financially supported by a company or individual and often focus on promotional and commercial objectives.

2. Editorial Touch

In a guest post scenario, the content is typically created by the guest contributor and then published on another website or platform. While the host website may have editorial guidelines and review the content, the guest author retains ownership and responsibility.

In the case of sponsored posts, content is usually generated by the sponsoring entity and provided to the host platform for publication. While some editorial control may exist with the host, the primary ownership and control of the content lie with the sponsor.

3. Collaboration vs. Payment

Guest posting usually doesn't involve payment. The guest author provides content in exchange for the opportunity to reach a new audience and establish credibility within their field.

Sponsored posts, on the other hand, entail a financial transaction where the sponsoring company or individual compensates the host platform for publishing their content. The payment terms can vary based on factors such as the host platform's reach and authority.

4. Promotional Responsibility

Typically, promoting a guest post falls under the responsibility of the guest author. They may share the post on their own social media channels and with their audience to boost its visibility.

In contrast, promoting a sponsored post is generally the duty of the sponsoring entity, as it's an integral part of their marketing strategy. They might employ various promotional channels, including social media, email marketing, and paid advertising.

5. Post Disclosure

Guest posts are usually transparent and clearly attributed to the guest author. Readers are aware that the content is authored by a guest contributor, and there is typically no commercial intent associated with it.

In the case of sponsored posts, there is often a requirement for clear disclosure to comply with advertising regulations and ethical guidelines. It's crucial for readers to know that the content is financially supported by a sponsor.

In summary, guest posting revolves around knowledge sharing, authority building, and expanding one's reach within a niche, while sponsored posts are more focused on promotional and advertising objectives, backed by a financial arrangement between the sponsor and the host platform. Both can be valuable components of a content marketing strategy when employed appropriately.

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