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How to Add Paid Membership to and Make Money on Your Blog

Websites like BBC Muzzy, Audible, and Travel Club 360 not only provide valuable free guides and resources but also offer membership services. This presents an opportunity to transform your blog into a revenue-generating platform through membership subscriptions. 

To achieve this, you need to offer content or services that people are willing to invest in and understand the necessary steps to make it work.

If you've already tackled the first part successfully, you might still be uncertain about the specific actions required to monetize your blog with a paid subscription model.

I once faced the same uncertainty until I had a conversation with a senior executive at Copyblogger. Their membership site is a rich source of both complimentary and premium resources focused on content marketing. They generously grant access to 100,000 words of proven marketing training for free, including numerous valuable copywriting e-books.

During this insightful exchange, Bob will provide valuable insights on how to implement a membership subscription service on your blog effectively. After about twenty minutes of our telephone conversation, below is the summary of Bob's contribution to

Building a Foundation of Free Value

Bob emphasized that Copyblogger's journey began with a strong commitment to providing value. They invested in creating an extensive collection of free resources on content marketing. This included a treasure trove of blog posts, articles, and guides, totaling over 100,000 words of proven marketing training. 

By offering this valuable content for free, they built trust and credibility within their audience.

Over time, Copyblogger identified a growing demand for more in-depth and advanced content. Their readers were hungry for premium resources that delved deeper into various aspects of content marketing. 

This realization prompted them to consider introducing a paid membership model.

Crafting Compelling Membership Benefits

Bob explained that one of the key steps in their transition was crafting compelling membership benefits. 

They ensured that their paid subscribers received exclusive access to high-value content, tools, and resources that weren't available to free users.

This included access to many valuable copywriting e-books, advanced courses, and live webinars with industry experts.

Pricing and Packaging Strategy

Bob highlighted that pricing and packaging played a vital role in their success. They conducted market research to understand what their audience was willing to pay for premium content and structured their subscription plans accordingly. This helped them strike the right balance between affordability and profitability.

Community Building

To enhance the membership experience, you can also focus on creating a sense of community among your members. 

Some websites establish private forums, discussion groups, and networking opportunities for their subscribers. This not only adds value but also fosters a loyal and engaged community.


The success of Copyblogger's membership subscription model serves as a valuable case study for bloggers and content creators looking to monetize their platforms. 

By following their footsteps – providing a solid foundation of free value, recognizing the demand for premium content, crafting compelling membership benefits, strategizing pricing and packaging, and fostering a sense of community – bloggers can embark on a similar journey toward financial sustainability. 

Bob's insights underscore the importance of adaptability and a genuine dedication to providing value, ultimately proving that offering membership subscriptions can be a lucrative venture when done right.

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