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4 Channels To Lodge GTB Dispense Error For Reversal

Every now and then, we all face one problem or the other with our banks. GTB is no exception.

Commonly, you have a dispense error from the usual 737 code. Some customers wait a decade to get a reversal code. Especially if you use your ATM card with a POS, you're confused about where to turn for the reversal.

Hence, affected customers are in search of dispense error emails, live chat to lodge complaints, dispense error logger platform, Gtbank dispense error form, etc.

Let me save you the stress in the post. You will have have your complaint lodge and hopefully get your money back in shortest possible time

GTB has given the following short guide to lodge complaints in case you're debited for a failed transaction? Here’s how to get your money back!

First, confirm that the transaction was not reversed after 24 hours, then report the dispense error using any of the following options;

  1. Using GTB Website: Click Help center- how to log a dispense error - report a dispensing error.
  2. Using GTBank ATM: With card: Insert card - enter PIN - select more services - select log a dispense error. 
  3. Using GTBank ATM Without Card: Press any key on the ATM, select "Log a Dispense Error" and follow the prompts
  4. GTWorld and Internet Banking: Login,  Click cards, Click Dispense Error 
  5. Using GTB Connect IVR: Dial 08039003900, 08029002900, and press 1 for our self-service option. 

Once on the right page to lodge the complaint, be as detailed as possible to and supply all information they may need to help you trace the issue and revert.

Don't give out all your card details. Only type the first six digits and last four digits of the card. For example, 569987XXXXX2356.

You may also want to check direct methods to lodge complaints with their social medial channels through the links below.

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