How to Use UBA Leo Chatbot Without Its App - UBA Official -

How to Use UBA Leo Chatbot Without Its App - UBA Official

If you've been using UBA, this may not be the first time you've heard of Leo.

This is a chatbot that UBA has put up for all its customers to interact with if they must perform some transactions without using its mobile app, or visiting the bank branch.

In case, you want to know if this is for you, you can have access to UBA Leo on any of these platforms:

  1. Instagram
  2. Google Business Chat* *Mobile Android users Ng
  3. Apple Business Chat* *iOS users
  4. Facebook
  5. WhatsApp

While announcing to its customers, United Bank for Africa's Management said,

Start the month the right way with Leo 💫 Pay bills, send money, buy airtime and do more with Leo! Follow [@officialubachatbanking] on Instagram and send a DM to start transacting 😎#LeoonIGGBC #AfricasGlobalBank

With Leo on your phone, while feeling like you're chatting with your friends, you can do among other things, open an account, view account statements, block cards, log and track complaints, pay bills, buy data, transfer funds, set saving plan/spend limit, locate ATM/branch, etc.

How to Set Up and Use UBA Leo

To download and use UBA Leo, simply go to your Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, and Google Business Chat. Search for 'UBA Chat Banking.

For WhatsApp, add this mobile number (+234 903 001 0007) on your WhatsApp mobile contact OR click here and send HI to chat with LEO n WhatsApp and initiate banking or non-banking transactions

For Facebook Leo, click the official link.

UBA Leo Chatbot is a virtual assistant designed to help UBA customers perform various banking transactions and get banking information easily. Here's how to use UBA Leo Chatbot:


Some of the benefits of using UBA Leo Chatbot include:

  1. 24/7 Availability: UBA Leo Chatbot is available 24/7, which means you can perform transactions and get information at any time of the day or night.
  2. Convenience: With UBA Leo Chatbot, you can perform banking transactions from anywhere, at any time, without visiting a physical branch.
  3. Speed: UBA Leo Chatbot responds to queries and requests almost instantly, which means you don't have to wait long to get the information you need.
  4. Security: UBA Leo Chatbot is secure and uses encryption to protect your sensitive information.
  5. User-friendly: UBA Leo Chatbot is easy to use and does not require any technical skills or knowledge.
  6. Wide range of services: UBA Leo Chatbot can perform a wide range of transactions and provide information on various banking products and services, including account balance inquiries, fund transfers, bill payments, and more.
  7. Personalized experience: UBA Leo Chatbot is personalized to your needs and preferences, which means you can get customized recommendations and solutions based on your banking history and preferences.

Official Warning!

For security purposes, ensure all Leo platforms have the verification tick (⩗) before you proceed to chat. Leo will not ask for personal details. If you are not sure, please contact any of UBA's customer service lines (01-2808822 or +2347002255822).

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