Education Graduates Now Get Automatic Jobs: Is it True? -

Education Graduates Now Get Automatic Jobs: Is it True?

News already has it that graduates of Nigerian Education courses will be given automatic employment in the new education policies Federal Government of Nigeria policies. And since that is far from rumor, it's should be true. But how true?

The Federal Government of Nigeria, according to the Education Minister, Adamu Adamu, and on the occasion of 2020 World Teachers' Day, has said, students of Education will be offered automatic jobs after graduation.

By this, it means, as soon as a student of education is done with the university and a year of national service, a government teaching job is waiting for him or her in the new federal policy.

This was not the only good news to all prospective education graduates and admission seekers, the report also revealed that:

  1. education graduates will be entitled to monthly stipends (which starts more likely when the is offer given)
  2. both prospective and existing teachers will benefit from the new salary scales for the teachers
  3. there will be an increase in the number of years of service from 35 to 40 for the existing and prospective teachers
  4. and more.

However, this doesn't include the NDC holders.

Can the Federal Government Really Offer Fresh Education Graduates Automatic Jobs?

It's great that this administration proposed to employ you as a fresh education graduate. However, it's not certain if this policy will be accepted and truly implemented.

Note the word "truly". 

It's not new of the federal government to say one thing and you start to be seeing another thing. It's unfair to the public to see the government promising without fulfillment. This is why we have to look into this before you start to celebrate the current administration.

Let's check the three antecedents below:

1. Npower Transition and Failure to Implement to Date

You must have heard of Npower? The federal government, under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari, has on two occasions absorbed unemployed youths into the scheme that paid each #30,000 every month. 

However, while terminating their appointments after the two years of service, as agreed, the administration promised to reengage these helpless graduates into a stage called the "enhanced stage", also, the Npower transition.

Lots of propaganda had been witnessed as regards this promise. However, to date, none of these graduates had been reabsorbed into another scheme or permanent government jobs.

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2. Federal Government Failed to Give us Real Stop to HND/BSC Dichotomy

Haven't you heard that the Federal Government, under the same administration has equated HND and BSC holders in employment arrangements? Hence, if you're an HND holder, you should be, now, equal to a BSC counterpart in salary scales and promotion.

However, this wasn't really true. You heard one thing on news and another thing was happening in the real world. 

To date, BSC and HND holders are not employed based on the same level (even by the same government). While a BSC holder assumes a job on grade level 8, HND still gets on board on level 7. 

As if that is not enough, the policy still made it care that even if the two were employed on the same level, the HND holder couldn't proceed beyond level 14 unless he has an additional qualification (e.g. PGD, Masters, BSC, etc. which he must acquire before the due time).

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3. National Open University NYSC and Law School Issues Remain the Same

In the same vein, the issue of graduates of National Open University not being allowed to serve and be admitted into Nigerian Law School is another reference. 

Even after Mr. President has passed the bill that allows the poor graduates of the Federal-owned distance learning university to participate in the one-year national youth service, the Service still denies them of this opportunity to date. 

The same is the case of the Nigerian Law School depriving the Law graduates of NOUN to continuing to the school.

Why Education Graduates Can Really be Employed Automatically

The three cases above are your immediate references to why fresh education graduates may not rely on the promise of the federal government. If they couldn't implement those policies successfully, it might be hard to believe their new moves.

However, we still have to be optimistic that the Federal Government will do its best, this time, to meet the expectations of the promised graduates. Below is a list of reasons we have to be on the positive side.

1. Schools Need More Teachers than Ever

The need for teachers in our schools is becoming more alarming than before. Most state and federal schools are already filling the positions of regular teachers with part-timers. Most Npower posted to schools worked their asses off because classes lacked adequate and efficient teachers.

This is a call on the government to do something to provide qualitative education vis-à-vis making more teachers available.

To equip schools with quality teachers, governments will want to encourage teachers-to-be and admission seekers. This can be the best catch-them-young approach any administration has adopted.

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2. Npower Programmes Seems Dominated by Education Graduates

Though I don't have the official data to back this, yet, it seems most of the existing and disengaged Npower beneficiaries are under the N-Teach category. Since the automatic job is promised together with stipends, starting from the graduation year, the government may want to replace the usual Npower applicants with these graduates.

If education graduates can be absorbed right on graduation, the number of competing applicants for Npower will drastically be reduced.

3. If Others are Implemented, this Should Be too

The federal government promised a few things on the occasion of 2020 World Teachers' Day, as earlier listed. The automatic education graduate jobs and stipend are just one of them. 

If governments can fulfill the increment of the teachers' service age to 40 and implement the new salary scales, they should be ready to implement the education graduates part of it.


Nigeria can sometimes be a confusing country. The country is not as confused as the citizens and the leaders we voted for. This is because it's one thing to propose good things, it's another to implement it. And if implemented, how thoroughly and effectively?

In the meantime, let's be optimistic as the administration is still not relenting in promising us to good things. If ever started for the next set of education graduates, this may remain the same for the years to come.

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