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Can Npower Beneficiaries Apply For Other Government Jobs?

NPOWER Doesn’t Stop You From Getting Government Jobs
When I gave an update on what Npower will do to a beneficiary if they find out he is in another government job, I didn’t treat it as a separate topic.

In the post, I shared updates from Npower support team that they’d just removed a few members of Npower Agro, Teach and Health found working in a ministry. Is this normal or does it mean I can’t look for a government job again if I should take Npower?

This is what this post is about to address.

NPOWER Doesn’t Stop You From Getting Government Jobs

As a matter of fact, Npower never for once prohibit their beneficiaries from seeking other federal, state, local or private company jobs. You can, of course.

What the scheme warns against is you getting such jobs and still keeps earning money from Npower.

In other words, now law or mechanism has been put in place in order not to engage beneficiaries in other available government and permanent jobs. They only device means to detect if you get jobs and still remain as an earner of Npower stipends.

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What Happens If you Get Jobs After Enrolled in Npower

The scheme has enabled a link for beneficiaries to resign from the project if they choose to move on with other jobs. The link is right below their individual profiles.

You have the right to do this before it’s too late.
List of a few beneficiaries removed earlier
Npower is so kind at commending the courage of those who are resigning from the schools because of new offers – be it government or private.

Working With Government Before Getting Npower Jobs?

This is another case entirely.

Some of the beneficiaries were already engaged with other government or private positions before they obtained the Npower frmo back then.

And the terms of application, there was nowhere the scheme discouraged people from doing so.

Now, they’re dual engaged. So, what’s their fate?

Npower has seen this and updated on their different channels that, you should resign from the scheme as fast as possible. This is because the support team will not only require you to refund all you’ve earned but may prosecute you.

Just recently, there was a report that the scheme has detected up to 10,000 members who had engaged already in other government and private establishment. It’s not surprising to see that the report enlisted people from Nigerian Police, FRSC, ministries etc still earning form the same government twice.

As at the time of the report, no one could say if this might lead to total job loss as well.

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  1. Good morning sir/ma,
    Please I want to know when the recruitment process will start for us that fill the form, since how many weeks now?

    1. No date announced yet. Keep following Npower updates on the next stage of the recruitment.


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