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Npower: List of De-listed Beneficiaries from the Schemes

You can still exist from Npower scheme before it is too late.
Just recently Npower has delisted some beneficiaries from the scheme due to their being found out that they were working elsewhere.

Earlier the support team has warned all beneficiaries who are still working and earning from any state, local or federal parastatals together with the private establishment to opt out of the programme. However, some remained adamant.

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As a result, another warning was released threatening to hand over those caught to the law enforcement agents. Still, some remained unconcerned.

Subsequently, a list of three people caught from some ministries was recently published.

With its promise to keep sweeping out these set of people, the body has just published another list of four beneficiaries.

The following people have been exited from the programme because they had existing jobs.
  1. Itumo Sunday - Civil Servant at Ebonyi ADP
  2. Mbam Cletus Nwosike - Civil Servant at the Judiciary High Court, Ebonyi
  3. Ogala Onyekachi Onwe Civil Servant at SEB CSS Ekwashi
  4. Ogbaga Simon Nwalegu - Civil Servant Ministry of Water
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With these four and adding the last three (earlier announced), we have seven beneficiaries publicly made known.

Work is, of course, going on to sweep out more people.

If you’re wondering how the body was able to detect these people, read the post, "To NPOWER Nigeria Beneficiaries: What Happens If You Are Working Elsewhere


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  1. What should one do if u can't find your University among the school register for the npowerment??, why is national open University not among the the npowerment program??

    1. Your can choose "OTHER" if available. If otherwise, take a similar school and explain yourself if shortlisted for screening.


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