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Economics Compulsory for Mass Com. in JAMB/SSCE?

When encountering Mass Communication as a potential field of study in your exploration of the JAMB brochure or your school's online portal, you might find yourself pondering whether Economics is a prerequisite subject for pursuing this course in any university or polytechnic.

Indeed, it's a legitimate query to pose, as selecting the appropriate four subjects for your intended course holds significant importance. The repercussions of an incorrect choice could result in perplexity and frustration—unless, of course, you're prepared to take advantage of the guidance I offer in "Wrong UTME Subjects Combination? See Solutions."

In order to alleviate the bewilderment surrounding necessary subjects in both your SSCE (O'level) and JAMB UTME for Mass Communication, I've previously penned a comprehensive piece entitled "SSCE/UTME Subjects for Mass Communication Admissions." Nonetheless, that piece may have been slightly all-encompassing and not specifically centered on a singular subject.

Here, my intention is to provide you with swift clarity, cutting straight to the heart of the matter, with a primary focus on the role of Economics as an O'level or JAMB subject within the scope of Mass Communication.

What Insights Does the JAMB Brochure Offer Regarding Economics for Mass Communication in WAEC, NECO, or NABTEB?

If you're not already acquainted, the JAMB brochure serves as the ultimate reference for students seeking to comprehend the prerequisites set forth by their preferred institutions for specific courses in both SSCE and JAMB UTME.

A swift examination of the JAMB brochure pertaining to the required SSCE subjects reveals that "Economics" is not an obligatory component for the pursuit of Mass Communication within any university or polytechnic.

As evident in the captured excerpt below, the SSCE (O'level) subjects—outlined under "UTME"—comprise five (5) SSCE passes, which encompass English, in addition to four (4) other subjects stemming from the fields of Art or Social Sciences.

JAMB Brochure SSCE and UTME subjects

Put simply, as long as you possess English and four additional credits from either the realm of arts or social sciences—or even a blend of both—you fulfill the eligibility criteria for embarking on a Mass Communication program.

While Economics is indeed categorized as a social science discipline, its inclusion here is not mandatory. Having it in your repertoire is certainly beneficial, but its absence does not constitute an impediment.

For aspiring Mass Communication students, a viable SSCE selection (WAEC, NECO, GCE or NABTEB) might encompass the following subjects, even without Economics:

  1. English
  2. Mathematics
  3. Literature in English
  4. Government
  5. Civic Education (for institutions that acknowledge or require this)
  6. Youruba, Igbo, or Hausa
  7. CRS or IRS
  8. History

JAMB Brochure Equally Confirms That Economics Isn't a Prerequisite Among the UTME Subjects for Mass Communication

Moving on to the crucial subject choices you must make for your UTME and subsequently sit for during the examination—it is imperative to recognize their significance akin to the O'level subjects.

Drawing from the aforementioned captured information, the brochure section pertaining to "UTME subjects" succinctly stipulates that English and "any three (3) from Arts or Social Science Subjects" are requisite for Mass Communication.

Interpreted directly, this implies that including Economics as one of your chosen subjects for the JAMB UTME is not obligatory. While there's nothing fundamentally amiss in electing to include Economics, its absence does not constitute an issue. Instead, you can opt for any other combination of three subjects from the domains of arts or social sciences, or even a blend of both.

Therefore, your UTME subjects for Mass Communication might assume the following configuration, sans Economics:

  1. English
  2. Literature in English
  3. Government
  4. CRS/IRS
  5. Youruba, Igbo, or Hausa

Peruse Your School's Portal for Its Brochure

It's important to acknowledge that nuances may exist among different educational institutions. While I've yet to encounter any university or polytechnic that mandates the inclusion of "Economics" for Mass Communication in either SSCE or UTME subjects, it's prudent to delve into the specific subject requirements of each institution before embracing the entirety of the JAMB brochure's content.

For instance, the dedicated brochure for the University of Lagos (UNILAG) lays out the stipulations. For Mass Communication, the requirements encompass:

SSCE Subjects: Five ‘O’ Level credit passes, including English Language, Mathematics, Literature-in-English, and any two from Economics, History/Government, Geography, any Nigerian Language, CRS/IRS, and Civic Education.

UTME subjects: English Language, Literature-in-English, and any two subjects from Arts or Social Sciences.

This illustrates the precision in outlining requirements specific to a particular institution, in contrast to the broader strokes of the JAMB brochure. UNILAG's case demonstrates the importance of adhering exactly to these specifications.

This methodology applies universally to your chosen institution as well. To determine whether your institution possesses a tailored brochure, employ the following strategies:

  1. Employ a Google search combining your school's name with "JAMB brochure." For example: "LASU JAMB Brochure."
  2. Input your school's admission prerequisites along with "PDF" to uncover pertinent documentation. For instance: "AAUA admission requirements + PDF."

Adhering to either of these tactics should lead you to a well-detailed brochure catered to your chosen university or polytechnic, tailored to your desired course. In instances where this quest remains fruitless, the general JAMB brochure should still prove sufficient.

Final Reflections

As demonstrated thus far, the information I've conveyed unequivocally confirms that "Economics" remains non-compulsory as a subject for Mass Communication, both in terms of SSCE and UTME requirements.

You're granted a wealth of choices. Including "Economics" is entirely acceptable and well-received. Nevertheless, subjects from the realms of arts or social sciences will also adequately suffice should Economics be absent from your WAEC, NECO, or NABTEB results, or if you've opted not to write it in your JAMB examination.

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