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POLY IBADAN Portal Issues, Payment Problems, Errors and Solutions

This post is meant for admission seekers into any of the academic programmes of the Polytechnic Ibadan. It details guide to solve series of portal problems, errors made while filling forms, spelling mistakes, wrong choices and payment issues that you may face while applying for post UTME/ND Full-Time, HND form or ND Part-Time form.

I’m used to this school and its applications. In time, I’ve faced a series of issues with the portal and solved lots of them. I present to you these problems and how I solved them. I hope you can find it useful for your own concerns too.

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1. Problems with Payments

You have paid for the form using your ATM card. The bank account was debited but the form was not given value. By not given value I mean, the portal still shows that you should make another payment as if you’ve not paid.

This is one of the major issues that applicants for Ibadan Polytechnic admission forms will face from time to time.

And there are solutions to this. Or I should just say, there are ways around it.

Click on the payment history to reveal your payment status

Solutions Online Payment Issues

Solution #1
  1. First, check for “Payment History” on the left side of your page.
  2. Click this to display your payment status. You may likely find this status as “Error
  3. Locate “Requery” in front of the word “Error” and click on it.
  4. This may just solve the problem immediately. If Requery solves the problem, you will receive a “Successful Payment” Notice.
Solution # 2
  1. Log out of the application form and wait a couple of hours.
  2. You may need to wait for about 24 hours for this issue may be as a result of a wrong debit from the bank. And if this is the case, your account should be credited for this value within this period.
  3. If not, try to visit the bank and complain. The bank would let you know if the school already had the money or the error was truly from them.
  4. If the bank let you know that the school already had the money, log in again to see if your payment has confirmed successful.
  5. If not, call the portal helpline (08023252964) for help.
  6. This helpline attendant may ask you to send or supply him or her your transaction reference number. It’s right on your Payment History.
  7. This person may help you resolve this issue.
  8. If done, you should now see Success Payment Notice on your portal.
  9. Also, note that this helpline number may change kindly change for the current one on your dashboard.
Solution # 3

If the two above don’t work,
  1. Kindly print your bank payment Debit alert message (usually in your email) or SMS
  2. Also, print the page under your payment history
  3. Take these two items to the school’s ICT for complaint.
  4. They will resolve it and ask you to continue with your registration.
Solution #4
  1. If all the above prove abortive, you may need to contact Interswitch. They have helped me contact the school before and forced them to give me value for payments.
  2. If you don’t know, Interswitch is the maker of your ATM card. They know where your money is. They can tell if the money is at the bank or the school.
  3. They can equally command the bank to reverse your payment or the school to give you value. In fact, they have so much power if you know how to present your issue.

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Follow this guide to contact Interswitch
  • Use your email to send a Complaint Message to them. Title your message as “Payment Made Online But Value Not Given”
  • In the address section, fill in [email protected]
  • The briefly explain the payment you made, amount and the school you paid to.
  • The give them the following information
  • The Transaction Ref No/Narrative. e.g 227229d8-0000-4f62-b488-a9d8d616512d
  • Date and Time of Payment: You can see that in your Bank Alert SMS
  • Card No: Only the first 6 digits and last 4 digits is the acceptable standard. e.g 560102******3211. Don’t fill all your card number

Expect a response from them within the next 24 hours.

When they get back, they may send you the screenshot of your payment. A copy of this, they will send to the school too and instruct them to give you value.

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This is the payment screening for correction of ND Full Tine Form

2. Errors Made while Filling the Form

Another usual issue you may face is mistakes while filling your form online.

Well, the school has made provision for this.

In order to correct your information or details supplied, you will need to make payment of N1500 (for Post UTME, ND Full Time and Part-Time) or N5000 (for HND applicants)

After the payment, your form will be made opened and editable again. You can then refill and correct the mistake before submitting it again.

3. No Exams Date on My Registration Slip

After completing your Post UTME or HND form, you should be expecting to see the date of your exam. Shouldn’t you?

Ok. Here is the thing.

Poly Ibadan is no longer conducting post-UTME CBT exams for their ND Full time or part-time applicants. They are only using your UTME score plus O’level result grade to give you admission. This is called screening instead of post UTME.

Also, the school will not ask you to come for a physical screening on the campus.

You should just keep your phone on. They will be sending SMS to your phone from time to time in order to let you know the next course of activities.

You may soon receive SMS instructing those who chose them as the second choice to change back to the first choice if they still need the admission from them. Another SMS may inform you to check your admission status on the school portal and JAMB CAPS. Another SMS may inform those who are not lucky in the full-time admission list to consider Daily Part-time form.

In the case of HND applicants, the school will send you SMS, email or portal notice to invite you for the CBT test. You will need to print a schedule slip before going for the test.

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  1. Please, I don't understand how the polytechnic Ibadan is running their program again. How can someone pass all her courses in ND 1and ND, only to went to schools. They are saying she has course to rerun in ND 1. The subject she pass in ND and HOD was saying that is nothing she can. Management should try to stand for students for paying unnecessary fees

    1. I think the school must have reasons to justify that. If the student has reasons to believe he didn't fail the course, she can just call for her papers. Students have the right to call for the paper for remarking and investigation.

  2. Schools management should come to my sister rescue from SLT HOD. She passed the course in ND 1 before register for ND 2.

    1. You question is not detailed. Can you please expatiate and break things down?

  3. Hello, pls after payment I cannot find the application form to fill

    1. Kindly check the support email on the school page and contact them on this issue.

      Sorry for your situation.

      Best wishes!

  4. Hello, pls after payment I cannot find the application form to fill

  5. Hi...Am unable to fill my application form..its showing error what do I do?

    1. Keep trying. They are working on things. The portal should be fine sooner. The school may need to extend the closing date if the problem persists.

  6. please Mr Tolani, you did not give solution to applicants unable to fill the registration form online. Now the deadline is here, is there still anything these applicants can do please?

    1. The school has not resolved the portal issue and it's general. Candidates should be on the lookout for the extension of sales of the form as they're now working on the portal to bring normality.

  7. Pls help ooo...There is this form I was filling and I made a mistake on the gmail not knowing there was a mistake on it I copied the gmail to repaste on the next page to continue to the payment....I made the payment successfully and I was unable to log in to that email again. That means there was an error on the gmail. Pls house what's the way for, what can I sort this. Help a brother

    1. You can still use the wrong email to log in. The school doesn't send any confirmation email to individual students.

      And if you have not already paid, you just register and use a correct email.

  8. Pls..I paid for DPP and have done every necessary things but yet am not seeing anything.. Pls help me out

  9. My portal can't open ,can't access to pay for my school fee

  10. Please.... Is it true that hnd full time admission has been closed.... I met d cut off for oral interview and cbt but please I'm yet to see anything.... I'm just seeing exist but not yet admitted

    1. Only the school management can answer whether admission has closed for the year or not. Kindly visit the school to confirm this or be on the lookout on the school portal for such announcement.

  11. I'm unable to print my course form for ND1 and I'm now at ND2

    1. Visit the school ICT to know why and the possible solutions.


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