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Why Photo Not Showing on Post-UTME Slip and Solutions

Some questions need urgent answers. I was recently contacted by a few students who will write post-UTME. These students have applied for their schools' post-UTME and screening forms but they have one major problem. Their passport photograph was not showing on their printout or exam slip.

One student put it like this.

I've done my screening already and my picture is not showing although it showed completed in my biodata, pls is it a general problem?

He was asking about the University of Ibadan post-UTME slip. 

Another student aspiring to Ahmadu Bellow University asked.

Pls for my post-UTME scheduled slip... My picture did not appear ...I hope no problem.. For ABU?

In another inquiry, 

Will I be able to take the post-UTME exam without a passport photograph on my form?

Apparently, these are common issues among the listed schools and a few others not covered here.

Let's explore this concern and proffer a possible solution.

The Issue Of Not Seeing Your Passport Photo Is Mostly General

There is nothing to fear as the issue is not only affecting you but all the applicants whether you're of their own or not. 

After completing a post-UTME/screening application on these schools' portals, you might not see a passport photo. That's not normal but the school is aware of it. In most cases, it concerns all applicants. 

An experienced cyber café will let you know that it's not new and it's a general concern. 

Some cases are just technical itches. For example, if you changed your institution to UNILORIN, you might be affected by this. Perhaps, the university didn't receive your passport from JAMB. And to the school, you can continue with your registration and printing. They won't mind.

The University of Ibadan has stopped collecting aspirants' passports from JAMB for a few years now. And they don't even require their candidates to upload any passport during the online registration. So, do not panic.

ABU's case and other schools might share one of the two instances already listed.

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Attach A Passport Photo In Case

You can still attach a passport photo to your exam slip when going for the post-UTME as backup. As earlier mentioned it's known to the school, so no need to worry.

However, if you're worried that they may ask for your facial identification, you can just attach a passport photo to your exam slip so that if asked for, you can present it too.

Confirm From Other Applicants

To be sure that it's a general issue, you can ask these same questions in the group you belong. Be it a Facebook or WhatsApp group, members who process the same school will be there to help you clear this situation.

If others complain the same, it's apparently a general issue that the school management is aware of. If the issue only affected you, it simply meant your registration might have not been done correctly.

If you did it yourself, give the work to an experienced café to handle it for you. If you've earlier used a café, try another one for a better touch.

Reprint The Slip A Few Days Before Exam

It's important to print your slip a few days before the exam or screening. While I mentioned earlier that missing passport photos on your post-UTME/screening slip might not be a cause for concern if the issue stems from the school portal, it's still important to note that the school management is likely working to fix this technical glitch. Therefore, it's advisable to continue checking your portal regularly and attempt to reprint the slip.

There's a possibility that your photo could appear on the slip a few days before the exam or screening if the school's technical team has successfully resolved the problem. Therefore, especially during the last three days leading up to the exam or screening, make sure to recheck your portal. 

If you notice that the issue has been resolved and your photo is now appearing on the slip, that's great. However, if the issue persists, you should follow my earlier advice and hold onto the position that missing photos might not be a major concern.


The tale of the missing passport photo isn't just your own saga. It's a widespread puzzle that the universities themselves are grappling with.

Keep your cool, secure that backup photo, and tap into the power of numbers by connecting with your fellow applicants. And remember, even if your face seems to be camera-shy on your slip, your academic prowess isn't hiding anywhere – it's ready to shine.

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  1. Please, the University of Ibadan Post UTME form is not showing passport photo after completion of the process on the portal, is it a general issue? Will the candidate be allowed to write the exams?

  2. Thank so much for the information how can I get post uyme syllabus for ui


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