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FUOYE Screening Issues on O'level, COC, Aggr. Score, Passport, Solutions

FUOYE Change Of Course vs Jamb Change of Course
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Are you one of the Degree applicants of Federal University Oye Ekiti who are having issues with the departmental cut-off marks being released by the management? Are you considering changing your course on the school portal or the JAMB portal? Are you concerned about what is next after making changes?

Is your own issue about the wrong SSCE subjects being requested for your proposed course? Then you need to read this quick answer to ongoing FUOYE post-UTME challenges.

FUOYE Change of Course Vs JAMB Change of Course

Ok. If you have checked the cut-off marks released by the school and you think of changing to another course, you have two options.

1. The School Change of Course Option

The school has opened the option for applicants to change their courses directly on the school portal. In this case, you will be required to pay an additional N2500 (excluding remita fee) for this service.

This is how it goes.

  1. You log into your portal, then make a payment of N2000 for the school screening.
  2. On the next page, you’re warned that you have a lower score than required for your proposed course. Then you are presented with several other courses you can consider instead. These new courses will be right for your score.
  3. You choose one and click “Apply” 
  4. On the next page, you’re asked to pay N2500 for the change.
  5. Then you can complete your registration for the new course

NOTE: It's important to effect the change of course on the JAMB portal too. The change of course on the body's portal will make the new course tallies with the one changed to on the university's portal. This is why the university is recently sending an SMS to instruct and warn applicants who changed courses on the school portal but have not done the same on the JAMB portal.

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2. JAMB Change of Course Option

Some students had changed their courses directly from the JAMB portal – paying N2500 for the service. In this case, you don’t have to still pay for the school change of course.

Wait for JAMB to forward your new course to the school and school to update its database for your new choice.

You will know when your course changes at the log-in stage. Then you can continue and complete your post-UTME screening registration. All you need to be doing is try to log in from time to time. Immediately your changes reflect on the school portal, and you'll be able to log in and continue.

System Requesting For Wrong SSCE Subjects

Some applicants are frustrated with FUOYE's portal asking them to pick the wrong O’level subjects for their proposed courses. In this case, the subjects are not the ones you sat for in your SSCE.

So what now?


The ICT center is seriously working on this. It’s a mere technical itch.

If you check your portal by now, you may notice that they have already removed all the wrong subjects being asked for. They will soon update your page with the right ones. Then you can complete your registration.

Keep checking back.

Don’t forget that FUOYE post-UTME screening will not close until the stated closing date. Then, there is no need to worry until then.

Patience, please.

FUOYE Post UTME Shows Application Not Completed

A similar issue with the FUOYE post-UTME portal is, after completing the online registration, if you log in again to your portal you find a complaint "application not completed".

What does this mean?

Well, the school's portal can be so confusing sometimes. How can you still be seeing application as not completed when you have already completed the application with the acknowledgment slip printed?

The solution is what matters here. Kindly go back to your O'level upload section. Refill and submit your O'level results as earlier done. The comment will disappear and reappear as "application completed.

Passport Not Showing - Asking You to Refill Profile Data

Sometimes, after completing the registration, you log in a few days later and you still find your portal profile opened on the first page. This is asking you to refill the bio-data that you'd done before and space for your passport is empty.

It's the same portal technical inches from the other end. What to do about this?

Kindly re-upload your passport photo, fill in the bio-data, and resubmit. Log out and re-login. This time, the bio-data page will disappear and the passport photo will appear on the right side of the page.

Problem solved!

Print Out Not Displaying Aggregate Score

Some of you who had taken part in the FUOYE online screening registration (in recent years) must have known that after completion of your online registration, your printout will show your point (score) per O’level subject and a final aggregate score. It’s based on this aggregate score that, you’ll be offered admission.

But this time, the calculated score is not showing. You only had your SSCE subject point (score per subject).

Now what?

Relax. The school will later ask you to reprint your acknowledgment slip. Then you can have your aggregate score on it. It will appear during the reprint.

I think I’ve done some justice to these disturbing issues. If you have more questions, drop them in the comment section below.


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