How to Use Twitter to Lodge GTB Dispense Error Complaint -

How to Use Twitter to Lodge GTB Dispense Error Complaint

Twitter is a blessing to many of us. And when you have a complaint to lodge with your bank, you can always use this platform. 

Apart from using the 737 code, visiting a branch, calling a customer care representative, and other similar platforms to get a reversal of a failed transaction or dispense error, Twitter will come in very handy if you know how to handle that.

Obviously, Twitter handlers are usually swift at handling complaints because they know your complaint is being seen by every other customer. Unlike using email or other platforms, once you hit the tweet button, millions of other customers are seeing it and are waiting to see how the bank will handle your complaint.

And if they eventually ask you to private message (DM) them, they know you can always come back to the homepage and open them up again if they fail to handle your complaint to satisfaction.

This is why I advise using Twitter to lodge your dispense error or any failed transaction wrongly debited.

To lodge a dispensing error or failed transaction complaint to GTBank on Twitter, you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to the official Twitter page of GTB at
  2. You can also be on your own Twitter page and click Tweet
  3. Click on the "Tweet" button to compose a new tweet.
  4. In the tweet, briefly describe the issue you faced with the transaction or the dispensing error, along with any relevant details like the date, time, location, and transaction amount. Don't include your ATM card number or similar details in your Tweet. 
  5. Tag GTB's Twitter handle @gtbank_help or @gtbank in your tweet to ensure that they receive the complaint.
  6. Use relevant hashtags like #GTB, #transactionerror, #dispensingerror, or #failedtransaction to make it easier for others to find your tweet and for GTB to track the issue.
  7. Wait for their response. They may ask you to provide more details or may provide instructions on how to proceed further with your complaint.

In most cases, they will ask you to DM i.e. send a private message to ask for confidential information. When replying to any DM, be sure you're chatting with their official and verified account DM.

If you're not satisfied with their responses on DM or they delay beyond a reasonable time, always come back to their Twitter home to follow the process again. This will force them to respond and solve your problem promptly.

Twitter may not be the best platform to lodge a complaint as it has limitations in terms of character limits and privacy concerns. Therefore, it's recommended that you also contact GTBank through their official customer support channels like email, phone, or website to ensure that your complaint is properly recorded and addressed.

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  1. A friend of mine sent money to my alc since afternoon, but yet to be credited by GTB.
    The details of transaction is follows:-
    Transaction Details:-
    Date: Tuesday, April 9th 2024
    Time: 08:00
    Narration: LEO/SBW/UTO/Baba Oyo/FASASI, ISMAIL
    Amount: 20,000
    Transaction Reference: 000004240409080009457994916628
    Type: Debit
    Account Details:-
    Sender Account Number: xxxxxx1521
    Receiver Name: FASASI, ISMAIL ADEWALE 0153009467


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