Alhikmah University Top-Up Degree: Answers to Your Questions -

Alhikmah University Top-Up Degree: Answers to Your Questions

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Top-Up Degree (HND to BSC Conversion) FAQs: Alhikmah University 

If you're here to apply for the University's Top-up degree, kindly see the guide to apply on, "Al-Hikmah University Top-Up (Degree and HND Conversion) Form is Out. See Details" Or before then, you may want answers to some of your heart-bothering questions about the programme. Then, consider checking the interactive questions and answers below between the school management and some applicants to be.

Where is Alhikmah University located in Nigeria and in which city?

Adewole Estate, Adeta Road, Ilorin, Kwara State.

Will there be industrial training during this program like a normal university program?

Yes, there will be industrial training like every other institution.

Assuming I have BSC/HND computer science (science) as my previous certificate then i want to change it to banking and finance (commercial) is it possible? If yes, am i going to use my computer science O’level subjects for banking and finance or write another SSCE that will meet the requirement of banking and finance?

Yes, you can there is a programme called HND conversion and Top-up degree which allows HND holders to convert to BSC or other BSC holders to go for another degree of their choice.

What is the difference between this top-up program and post graduate program?

With Top-up programme you will be awarded a degree with Postgraduate program you will be awarded your PG certificate(PGDE/MSC).

The tuition fee 150,000 will be paid twice making 300,000 till the end of the program or is there any other payment that is unmentioned on the website?

In the course of your 2 years for the Top-up degree, your are to pay 300,000 which can be paid install mentally N50,000 every semester for the 6 semesters you will spend.

Does the school have branches to cater for this program? If yes can you list them.

The program is being run in the university’s main campus.

At what period is the top-up program made available? And how can we know it is available?

Admissions will be opened for the top-up degree by streams. Kindly check the admission page to see if a new stream is opened.

Can a candidate be running his or her NYSC and Alhikmah top-up program simultaneously?

Yes, you can run both together at the same simultaneously.

Is it TRUE that the HND result will be withdrawn from its Holder after the completion of the Top-Up program?

In regards to your inquiry, that’s totally untrue, your HND certificate is yours and it will remain yours.

Does the top-up programme has anything to do with JAMB?


I want to know if you run a top-up program in Engineering.

No, there is no engineering courses for the top-up programme.

I have been trying to make the registration payment for the purchase of the Pop-up program form, but for all the times I have been try it, it’s unsuccessful. is there any other way I can take to make the payment aside from using the portal. Or, can I make the payment by walk-in to any of those bank branches? if yes how will I go about it?

Go to the Centre for Top-up programme in school and make complain.

I want to know if Holders of professional certificates like ICAN, CIBN, etc can also do the Top-up.

Yes, as long as he/she possesses HND or a degree certificate.

Please is there a top-up programme for architecture?

No, sir.

HND holders with pass grade can also apply?

Yes, they can apply.

Please is the 6-semester duration in 2 years a mandatory rule from NUC? ‘Or why can't it be run for 4 semesters? Or it was established by alhikamah University to ease the students financially and from stress.

It’s by NUC regulation.

I am interested in your top-up programme and would like to know if i can study from Abuja as I currently work Mondays to Fridays. Thanks.

Well, it's a weekend lecture and I think yes you can apply.

Is the conversion application form for this year available?

Yes, the other stream admission is ongoing.  Yes, but it will soon be closing.
For further clarifications on this programmes, check, "Top-up Degree in Nigeria and Abroad: All About One Year Course to Convert HND to BSC".

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  1. Can HND IN ARCHITECTURE gain admission in to computer science in Topup?


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