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Where Can I Submit Nigerian Police and Guarantor Form?

The Police
I assist individuals in obtaining forms within my town and nearby areas. Later, we expanded our services online, catering to those seeking the expertise of a café to complete applications, whether for school or job-related purposes.

Recently, a client returned seeking guidance on where to submit his Nigerian Police application and guarantor forms. He had diligently gathered the required signatures from his guarantors but was unsure about the submission process.

Do you need to physically submit the Nigerian Police form somewhere? If so, where? Should it be returned to the café that handled the registration? Or if you registered independently, should it be taken to the local police station in your town, or perhaps the headquarters of your state?

Allow me to address these queries.

Submission of the Nigeria Police Form is Conducted Online

If you're thinking conventionally, you might assume that physical submission to specific individuals or offices is necessary. However, in the digital age, these forms are accessible and fillable online. Therefore, once you've completed and submitted the form online, your application is directly sent to the police headquarters, entering their database.

Today, everything operates in the digital realm. Any hard copy of the form handed out by a café post-online submission or printed by yourself serves as confirmation of your successful online submission. Remember, this copy or printout won't be available unless the online form is duly filled and submitted.

Therefore, if you're concerned that having a printed copy doesn't confirm your submission, rest assured—the form has indeed been submitted. This stands as the complete submission required at this stage.

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There's No Need to Resubmit to the Café or Police Station

Both the application confirmation form and the guarantor form are to be retained by each applicant for the time being. Following the necessary endorsements by the two guarantors as outlined on the form, you are to keep these forms in your possession.

Neither the café nor any local police station is responsible for collecting these forms from you. Hence, there's no need to return the form to the café or any local police station after completing the guarantor form.

Both Forms Will Be Required for the Screening

Following the online application and completion of the guarantor form, the next step is the state screening. The Nigerian Police will announce a specific date for all applicants to appear at designated venues for physical screening.

These screenings occur in each state across the country. Applicants are expected to attend the screening in their claimed state of origin as per the online application. At the designated venue, typically the state capital, you should bring both forms and other necessary documents for official review.

In summary, this stage might necessitate the submission of photocopies of the police form and guarantor form. However, the original documents will not necessarily be taken from you; they are to be retained in your possession.


The process of submitting Nigerian Police forms has transitioned into the digital age, streamlining applications and eliminating the need for physical submissions. The era of online submissions ensures that once your form is completed and submitted electronically, it resides securely in the police database. 

Dispelling any concerns, the printed copy merely serves as confirmation, not requiring additional submissions to cafes or local police stations. As the journey progresses to the screening stage, remember to bring both forms and supporting documents. Embrace the efficiency of the contemporary application process, holding onto originals while submitting photocopies for official scrutiny during screenings.

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