Maths Compulsory for Mass Communication in JAMB/SSCE? -

Maths Compulsory for Mass Communication in JAMB/SSCE?

It's a common assumption that since Mass Communication falls under the category of arts or social sciences, Mathematics should not be obligatory for both JAMB UTME and O'level (SSCE) exams.

But what if I told you that this assumption might not be accurate? This highlights the importance of consulting the JAMB brochure before making decisions about your course selection during the JAMB application process or when considering changes to institutions or courses.

Of course, it's possible to sidestep Mathematics when pursuing Mass Communication, but this approach might not always yield favorable outcomes.

In this discussion, I will outline situations where Mathematics might be required or exempted when seeking admission into Mass Communication.

Mathematics is Generally Not Mandatory in JAMB UTME

When selecting subjects for the UTME, you are required to choose English and three additional subjects. Fortunately, Mathematics is not among the compulsory subjects for JAMB UTME if you want Mass Communication.

A visit to the JAMB portal confirms that the three other subjects can be any combination of art or social science subjects.

JAMB brochure doesn't make Maths compulsory

Indeed, Mathematics can be categorized as a social science subject. From this perspective, it's not obligatory to include Mathematics in your UTME subjects. as the brochure states that "from any arts or social science subjects".

The most suitable UTME subject choices could be:

  1. English (mandatory)
  2. Literature in English
  3. Government
  4. CRS/IRS
  5. Youruba, Igbo, or Hausa

As you can see, these subjects all belong to the arts category.

For those interested in combining social science subjects, a suitable combination might be:

  1. English (mandatory)
  2. Government
  3. Economics
  4. Accounting
  5. Geography

However, in certain cases, candidates can mix arts and social science subjects from the list above. This offers flexibility when choosing three subjects. Then, you can choose a mix of three subjects form:

  1. Literature in English
  2. Government
  3. CRS/IRS
  4. Youruba, Igbo or Hausa
  5. Economics
  6. Accounting
  7. Geography

Your School's Brochure Provides Best UTME Subject Requirements

Relying on the JAMB brochure can be a starting point for determining your subjects. However, it's advisable to verify the subject requirements for your intended course at your chosen institution.

No university or polytechnic mandates that you must include Mathematics in JAMB UTME. This is a certainty.

Nevertheless, regarding the other subjects mentioned earlier, it's wise to delve deeper than the general JAMB brochure to identify whether your chosen institution stipulates specific subjects for Mass Communication.

A quick and effective Google search can be invaluable. Simply input your school's name and "JAMB Brochure" to access tailored information about your institution's requirements.

Alternatively, you can search for information like "ABU admission requirements PDF" to find the university's detailed brochure. Most institutions will have a version of this resource.

For example, the requirements for Mass Communication at ABU demonstrate that while Mathematics isn't compulsory for JAMB, the university-specific brochure highlights specific subjects that differ from the general JAMB brochure.

ABU SSCE and UTME requirements for Mass Communication

The ABU-specific requirement for Mass Communication includes:

  1. Use of English
  2. Government/History
  3. Any two of Geography, Economics, Literature in English, and any other Language.

As you can see, the university is being specific that "you don't just write any three art or social science subjects in JAMB, Government should be among those three. Then, you can take two from others". Also, in any case, the university won't accept mathematics.

Mathematics Might be Compulsory for Mass Communication in SSCE

Although some schools might accept D7, E8, or F9 grades (minimal attempts), many universities and polytechnics insist on a credit level (C6 minimum) in Mathematics.

To confirm this, you can refer to the official JAMB brochure, as previously done for the UTME subjects needed for Mass Communication.

As shown in the earlier image from the JAMB brochure, Mass Communication requires 5 SSCE subjects: English and 4 other subjects from art or social science disciplines.

The question is whether Mathematics falls under art or social science subjects. The answer isn't a straightforward yes or no. Let's delve deeper into this topic.

The JAMB brochure doesn't mandate Mathematics, which is why some institutions may require it, categorizing it as a social science subject. However, in situations where there's stiff competition among candidates with higher grades, omitting or failing Mathematics might weaken your chances of admission.

As previously recommended, it's crucial to consult your institution's admission requirements to understand the specific criteria for SSCE subjects.

Returning to the ABU example, the university specifies the following requirements for Mass Communication:

Five 'O' level credit passes in English Language, Mathematics, Government/History, and any two Arts or Social Science Subjects.

As evident, ABU mandates English, Mathematics, and Government/History. You can then add two more subjects from arts or social sciences.

This pattern is typical for prestigious and competitive universities and polytechnics. Therefore, it's essential to meticulously research their SSCE requirements, as previously advised.


In your JAMB UTME subject choices, Mathematics isn't a compulsory inclusion since other arts and/or social science subjects are acceptable alongside English. If you do choose Mathematics, ensure you've paired it with the correct complementary subjects in your JAMB exam.

For SSCE, some schools might waive the need for Mathematics, but this isn't a universal practice and is relatively uncommon. Thus, having Mathematics for Mass Communication is advantageous, compared to lacking it and potentially facing limitations in your choice of institution or being at a disadvantage due to competition.

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