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Why You Can't Spend/Withdraw Outside Nigeria (MasterCard)

While trying to spend abroad with your naira MasterCard, you may be limited. Banks have limited daily and monthly spending outside Nigeria.

But when you're NOT aware, you may be more confused if you can't withdraw or spend with your Mastercard in countries like the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Mecca, and others.

A customer of First Bank Plc was recently frustrated while trying to make use of his ATM card Saudia Medinah. That's why he took to the bank's Twitter page to express his disappointment. 



.. I can’t withdraw money with my naira master card in Saudia Madinah and Makka please help!!!!

And what is the daily spending limit?

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The bank was not reluctant to explain what the problem was.



, thank you for contacting First contact. Kindly note that we have reduced the monthly spend limit for international transactions on our Naira cards to $20. Please be advised that you would be required to request a Visa gold card which is a card account, so it does not require being linked to a domiciliary account. The account is funded at the collection point, or on the Firstonline banking platform from a domiciliary account. -The card can only be funded with dollars. You can request a Visa gold card at any of our branches closest to you.

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The $20 Dollars Monthly Limit is General Among Banks

Should you're thinking this out-of-Nigeria Mastercard withdrawal or spending limit is only by the First Bank, you're wrong! All commercial banks in Nigeria have limited their monthly Mastercard spending, both online or offline (in another country) to the same amount.

Below is a quick reference by a few other banks.

  1. GTB: International POS & Online transactions: $20 
  2. Access Bank: POS/Web Monthly Limit (Int’l) $3,000 

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