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Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid in WAEC and Ways Out

As the time to write WAEC draws near, reading only is not enough, you should learn about common mistakes that can hinder not only your preparation but also your performance in the exam.

Experience has shown that even where some students are capable of coming out with flying colors in the West African Examination Council (WAEC), one mistake here and there has been the stumbling clog.

As part of my contribution to your success, as your beloved education consultant, I'd compile the following mistakes to look out for. Correspondingly, I've suggested how to walk around things to save yourself the six-year wasted effort.

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Here are the top 10 common mistakes to avoid in WAEC exams, along with tips on how to overcome them:

  1. Poor Time Management: Time management is crucial in WAEC exams. Avoid spending too much time on one question or section, as it may result in insufficient time for other questions. Use a timer, and allocate time wisely for each question or section.
  2. Neglecting Exam Instructions: Read and understand the exam instructions carefully before starting. Pay attention to the format, word limit, and any other specific requirements for each question.
  3. Incomplete Answers: Avoid providing incomplete answers, as it may result in lost marks. Ensure that you address all parts of the question and provide clear and concise answers.
  4. Lack of Exam Practice: Practice previous years' WAEC exam papers and mock exams to familiarize yourself with the exam format, types of questions, and time management techniques. This will help you to build confidence and perform better in the actual exam.
  5. Insufficient Revision: Avoid leaving your revision to the last minute. Plan a study schedule, cover all relevant topics, and revise regularly to ensure you are well-prepared for the exam.
  6. Overlooking Keywords: Pay close attention to keywords in exam questions, such as "describe," "explain," "compare," etc. These keywords guide you on how to structure and approach your answers.
  7. Careless Mistakes: Be careful with spelling, grammar, and calculation errors. Always review your answers before submitting them to avoid unnecessary mistakes.
  8. Overwriting or Illegible Handwriting: Write neatly and clearly so that your answers are easy to read. Avoid overwriting, as it may make your answers difficult to understand.
  9. Guessing Blindly: Avoid guessing answers without careful consideration. If you're unsure, try to eliminate options and make an informed guess.
  10. Exam Anxiety: Manage exam anxiety by staying calm, taking deep breaths, and using relaxation techniques. Remember to have a positive mindset and believe in your preparation.


To overcome these common mistakes, it's essential to practice regularly, understand the exam instructions, manage your time effectively, and review your answers carefully. Additionally, seek guidance from your teachers or tutors if you need further clarification on any topics. With proper preparation and mindful exam-taking strategies, you can improve your performance in WAEC exams.

 Good luck! Good luck!

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