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When Will UNILAG Start To Give Admission This Year?

So, you're wondering when UNILAG will start giving admission to its aspirants for the 2023 intake, right? Well, let's break it down in a casual way!

Are you aware that the university has an outstanding list that will be resuming this year? If you're not, there you have it!

  1. 2023 Post UTME Dates: The post-UTME dates for the 2023 intake are given as 31st July 2023, to 4th August 2023.
  2. Last Intakes Resumption Date: The last year's admitted students will resume on Monday, 10th October 2022.

Given this information, we can deduce that the admission process for the 2023 intake is likely to start after the post-UTME dates have been conducted and the results have been processed.

RecommendedAge Limit for UNILAG Admission: Making the Most of It

Admission List Expecting Dates Based on Available Data

Let's make some assumptions:

  1. Assuming the post-UTME results will be processed quickly, let's say it takes one week to complete this process. This would bring us to around 18th August 2023.
  2. It's reasonable to assume that the university may take a few weeks to finalize the admission list after processing the post-UTME results and conducting other necessary assessments. Let's say it takes three weeks for the admission list to be prepared and released. This would bring us to around 8th September 2023.
  3. Once the admission list is ready, the university will need to communicate with the admitted students and give them sufficient time to prepare for their resumption. Assuming this process takes about two weeks, we would reach around 22nd September 2023.


 It is likely that UNILAG will start giving admission to its aspirants for the 2023 intake sometime around mid-September 2023. However, please note that these are rough estimates, and the actual timeline may vary depending on the university's procedures and other factors that could impact the admission process.

It is always best to stay updated with official announcements from UNILAG for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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