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Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc Jobs for Graduate Trainees

One of the companies graduates and job seekers focus on in Nigeria is Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc. This can be because they pay well and they seem to recruit almost all months of the year.

In case you don’t know Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc

Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc has been a part of the lives of Nigerians at home and abroad. Our global vision is to be a leading foods company in Africa providing high quality and affordable products in the most convenient ways to consumers through world-class brands like Golden Penny Flour, Golden Penny Semovita, Goldenvita, Golden Pasta, and Golden Noodles. The Company's flagship brand, Golden Penny, remains one of the best known and the preferred brands amongst bakers, confectioneries, and consumers in Nigeria.

As earlier said, this company recruits now and then. But here are the questions. What do they look for in applicants? What qualities will give you the advantage over other applicants seeking spaces in the company? This post will answer these and more.

Generally, Flour Mills wants these primary qualities from you. Don’t apply if you don’t have them. They find ways to know if you truly possess these during their test and interview processes.

Qualities of Prospective Employees 

Interested applicants must:

  1. Be highly focused and success-driven.
  2. Be strategic and analytical thinkers
  3. Possess good leadership, interpersonal, and people skills.
  4. Be highly personable
  5. Possess a high level of integrity and self-regulation
  6. Possess excellent communication skills in oral and spoken word

What Flour Mills Nigeria Plc Looks for in Applicants 

1. Education

Hardly will you see where Flour Mills requests HND, and ND holders to apply for any other vacancies. But in most engineering positions, they practically need and request applications from ND, HND, and others. Hence, if you hold these qualifications, especially in related fields, you’re can be lucky to work with Flour Mills.

You will be fit for literary all their vacancies if you possess BSC or MBA in your field.

FMN doesn’t lay any emphasis on grades from your school. They believe more in your future and what you will do rather than what has passed in your life.

2. Working Experience

Like any other organization, Flour Mills needs it most if you have relevant working experience with your intended office. They so much need this because of their work responsibilities. Where minimal, Flour Mils usually requests not less than 3 years of working experience.

If you had worked with some organizations in the Mills industries before, your employment with them can be more immediate.

3. Professional Membership

This is not required across the board. But where required, Flour Mills prefers considering members of certain professional bodies and certifications including NIPR, NIM, CIPS, and COREN.

If you possess any of these, it’s much more curtained you will be considered.

4. NYSC Discharge Certificate

In case you don’t have NYSC discharged certificate or you’re yet to have it, you can still work with Flour Mills. They’re interested in national service with experience. They mind their own business.

Areas Where Flour Mills usually Recruit for

Corporate Services Job Family

Role-holders in this job Family provide information, administrative, and other specialist support across the organization. At junior levels, role-holders supply information or other administrative support in the form which is available to them, whilst higher roles, present, analyze, and interpret information or apply knowledge of a specialist, technical, or professional in nature. Outlined below are the various disciplines under the Corporate Services job family:

  1. Administration Discipline
  2. Finance Discipline
  3. Internal Audit Discipline
  4. Human Resources Discipline
  5. MIS & ERP Discipline
  6. Company Secretariat

Commercial Job Family

Role-holders in this job family develop, manage and maintain the relationship with both potential and existing customers. Service levels are important in these job areas. Outlined below are the various disciplines under Commercial job family:

  1. Sales Discipline
  2. Marketing Discipline
  3. Logistics Discipline
  4. Material Management Discipline 

Manufacturing and Operations Job Family

Role-holders in this job family are people and process managers, who are also responsible for the management and operation of resources such as budgets, systems, and products. These roles deliver the operational context and results of the business. Outlined below are the various disciplines under the Manufacturing and Operations job family:

  1. Production Discipline
  2. Technical Discipline
  3. Quality Assurance Discipline
  4. HSE Discipline
  5. Shipping/Terminal Operations Discipline

Do you want to know if Flour Mills is currently Recruiting? Visit the Flour Mills Job Updates page or visit their vacancies page directly.

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