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NIM: Answers to the Questions Prospective Students and Members Are Asking


You may be hearing about The Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM) for the first time at your last class in a higher institution. Some are hearing about it first, during the three-week NYSC orientation camping.

To give it the shot, you have series of questions to be answered. Then you’re on the right page.

The post below details questions students/graduates like you had asked and quick answers to such questions.

1. What Is NIM?

The Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM) was established in 1961 when a general meeting of top managers in Commerce, Industry, and Government was convened to discuss the formation of a management Institute in Nigeria. Subsequently, the Nigerian Management Group was formed. 

The Group was immediately accorded recognition by many international institutions like the British Institute of Management, American Management Association, etc. In January 1964, the Nigerian Management Group changed its name to the Nigerian Institute of Management and was duly incorporated under the Nigerian Companies Act, Cap. 37 as a non-profit making company, limited by Guarantee and not having a share capital.

2. Why Do I Need the Professional Award?

Membership status provides recognition of competency and commitment to management development as a professional manager. If you are committed to making a difference in your personal development, organization, or team, join. 

This brings a great opportunity to network with like-minded professionals while benefiting from a wide range of resources, support services, and career enhancement alongside professional recognition.

3. Can I Join or Enroll at NYSC?

Yes, if you’re satisfied with the aforementioned benefits awaiting you.

See NIM NYSC exams registration details.

4. What are the classes of membership?

As a professional Institute, we are protective of our own. We will signpost you to support services in the areas of mentoring, career development, coaching, and career pathway.

By becoming a member of NIM, you will be able to:

  1. Attend a variety of human capital development programmes organized by the Institute at reduced rates.
  2. Network with other professional managers, face to face and online
  3. Contribute to policy debates and national issues which enable your voice to be heard.
  4. Be part of a local chapter

You can apply to become NIM individual member through this link.

Corporate establishments can also access cost-effective management development support for their organizations through NIM corporate membership. As a Corporate Member, your organization will enjoy the following value-added benefits;
  • Capacity building and training support for your employees at reduced rates ensuring that your workforce is always up-skilled
  • Research and consultancy services on current and perceived future organizational issues with a view to improving organizational competencies and productivity.
  • Opportunities for your employees to attend seminars, conferences, and workshops at reduced rates, exposing and enabling them to learn and contribute to leading thoughts in your sector and industry.
  • Free six months’ advertisement of your products and/or services on NIM’s website, exposing you to over 100,000 ‘opportunities to see’ our potential clients/customers.
  • Allocated advertisement spaces for your organization’s products and/or services in our quarterly professional journal – Management in Nigeria – at a discounted rate
  • Opportunities for your products and/or services to reach a wider audience via an advertisement in the Institute’s special programmes such as the Annual National Management Conference (ANMC), Distinguished Management Lecture (DML), Women-In-Management (WIM), Young Managers’ Competition, etc
  • Access to a well-stocked Reference (Digital) e-library of the Institute and ample supply of copies of our quarterly journal Management in Nigeria. Single voting right at the Institute’s Annual General Meetings (AGMs).

5. How do I upgrade from one Graduate to Associate and Member?

The ‘Upgrading’ phenomenon is applicable only to those members seeking a rise in membership grades from GRADUATE to ASSOCIATE, and from ASSOCIATE to MEMBER. The following are the requirements for Upgrading:
  1. The member must have spent at least three (3) years at the lower grade to become eligible for consideration for upgrading.T
  2. The member (regardless of membership grade) must accumulate at least 15 credit points within the period by attending functions of the Institute, one of which must be the Mandatory Continuing Professional Education Programme (MCPEP).

See more information on NIM membership upgrading.

6. What are the requirements or qualifications to become an individual member?

During the registration, you will be asked to upload:

7. How much is the NIM registration for NYSC?

The fee is subject to change anytime. At present, you should prepare #10,0000

8. How do I Learn or Study for NIM Exams as NYSC?

As a foremost professional body on the continent, the Institute understands the importance of technology in learning and development hence the decision to build a credible e-learning platform that is aimed at helping busy professionals who will want to attend the Institute's training programmes at their own time and pace. 

See the list of NIM tuition centres for your studies

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