Does Reading Help to Write Better Articles/Posts? -

Does Reading Help to Write Better Articles/Posts?

Alright, so remember when I was giving you those tips on how to craft articles that fly off the virtual shelves? Well, tip number four was all about diving into other people's stuff.

Now, before you roll your eyes and think I'm just hopping on the trend wagon, hear me out. I've been around the writing block, and let me tell you, this trick's got some magic to it. We're talking readers, writers, and leaders here!

But hold up, I'm not here to feed you generic advice. Nah, I've got some receipts to back it up. You know, hard evidence that'll make you go, "Aha, this is legit!"

So, this post? It's all about cracking open the treasure chest of knowledge on how reading other people's work can level up your writing game. And yeah, I'm not just yapping – I've got the research and reports to show you that this isn't just me playing Captain Obvious.

1. Reading Switches on the Writer in You

You're nestled in your favorite reading nook, devouring a novel that whisks you away to a different world. Fast forward a bit, and you're typing away on your keyboard, crafting a killer article that's engaging, informative, and just plain awesome. Coincidence? Not quite.

A Report by Whitten and others in 2016 reveals that adults who read books are more likely to engage in writing activities. Yep, those bookworm tendencies might just be the secret sauce to whipping up top-notch articles.

It's like your brain's soaking up all those storytelling techniques and whipping them out when you're in writer mode.

2. Reading Boosts Your Vocabulary Game

Ever found yourself typing the same word over and over again, feeling like you're stuck in a vocabulary loop? Fear not, for reading can be your vocabulary superhero.

A study conducted by the Centre for Longitudinal Studies (CLS) in 2017 found that young people who read frequently end up having a broader vocabulary. 

And let's be real, a well-stocked vocabulary can transform your writing from meh to mesmerizing.

3. Reading Broaden Your Perspectives

The GoBookmart reports that reading diverse literature can enhance empathy and understanding of different cultures and viewpoints.  

How does this relate to your writing? 

Well, the more you read from various perspectives, the more you're equipped to create well-rounded characters and tackle a range of topics in your articles.

4. Reading Unluck Creative Blockage

Feeling a creativity blockage? Reading might just be the creative unblocker you've been searching for.

A study published by the University of Toronto suggests that reading fiction can enhance creative thinking and problem-solving skills. 

So, if you're staring at a blank screen, grab a book for some creative juice infusion.

Quality Over Quantity - It's Not Just About Books

Now, before you start envisioning a library-sized reading marathon, remember that quality matters more than quantity.

It's not about reading every book on the shelf; it's about savoring the words, soaking in the storytelling techniques, and letting those skills seep into your own writing style.

More so, reading isn't limited to just books. Dive into articles, essays, blogs, and even well-crafted social media posts. 

Exposing yourself to different writing styles and voices can help you find your own unique voice as a writer. And let's be real, who hasn't stumbled upon a viral tweet and marveled at how it's crafted?


Reports, studies, and stats all point to one resounding answer: Yes, reading absolutely amps up your article-writing game. Whether it's boosting your vocabulary, igniting your creativity, or enhancing your understanding of diverse perspectives, reading is the unsung hero that fuels your writing prowess.

So, fellow wordsmiths, keep those bookshelves stocked and those e-readers charged. Let the world of words be your playground, your inspiration, and your training ground for crafting articles that leave readers in awe. After all, you're not just reading – you're honing your writing superpowers, one page at a time.

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