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Ede Poly Post UTME Issues, JAMB Score Showing Zero (0) and Solutions


I will handle four important issues you may likely face with Ede Poly Post UTME registration in this post.
  1. One is after completing your registration, your JAMB score shows 0 (zero)
  2. Two is after completing your application, you can’t log in again to reprint the slip or exams schedule
  3. The third is a case of students who chose the Federal Poly as 2nd or 3rd choice.
  4. Fourth is after completing the registration, your exam venue is not on the printout.

Let me open your eyes. Give me attention, please.

1. After Completing Your Post UTME Registration, Your Printout Shows 0 JAMB Score

There are three possibilities to this case.
  1. You have just done a change of institution to the Federal Polytechnic Ede.
  2. You still choose the school as your 2nd or 3rd choice. This helps us to go straight to item 3.
  3. You registered for the daily or regular part-time instead of full time

So let’s handle the numbers 1 and 3 together.

It’s a known fact that Ede has not been accepting second and third-choice applicants in the last few years. For you to write their post UTME and seek admission to the federal poly, you must choose them as your most preferred institution (in other words – 1st choice). Otherwise, forget about Ede.

But most applicants are not aware of this during UTME registration, hence they fall victim to choosing Ede as the second or third institution.

Such applicants, for certain reasons -  including lower UTME score may later do the change of institution and place Ede as the first choice.

Now, if you later changed your first to Ede,
  1. After completing your Post UTME registration, on your form print-out, your JAMB score may display zero.
  2. It won’t display zero ONLY if you’ve LONG made the changes. In other words, if you’d done a change of institution couples of the week after the JAMB result was released, you may likely see your JAMB score displayed but if you do it a few days before the post UTME form is out, it’ll be zero.

So what next?

Don’t panic, it’s normal. It is just because JAMB has not forwarded your changes to the school or the school’s ICT has not updated their database.

In this case, wait until the school asks you to print your exam schedule. By this time, your JAMB Score will be updated and you have the right score shown.

JAMB will certainly send your details and you're good to go.

And finally, if you registered for the Federal Polytechnic Ede daily part-time or regular part-time form, of course, you will use the same platform and registration template, as designed by the polytechnic.

After printing your completed form, the space for the JAMB score will be zero because daily or regular part-time admission doesn't require a JAMB score in the first place. You don't need to worry about it for now or later.

2. You Completed Post UTME Registration But You Could not Log in Back to Print Exams Slip or Form

This I assume you should be able to handle but I can still help if otherwise.

Follow these steps:
  1. Visit the admission portal login page or simply click on the password rest page
  2. Enter your surname and phone number in the appropriate boxes.
  3. Click reset to display your password and Transaction ID. These you will need to log in.


3. You Completed Your Post UTME Registration But No Exams Date on it

This is ok for Ede Post UTME.

After completing your registration, you should have two prints.
  1. The Payment receipt and 
  2. Completed form acknowledgment slip. 
A few days after the form is finally closed, you will be directed to visit your portal and print your exam schedule. It's this new print that will show the date of your exams.

In order to print this schedule, the school may send you an SMS. However, I advise you to keep checking your portal as soon as the registration ends.

Federal Polytechnic Ede wards you National Diploma or Higher. But candidates with ND or HND can later proceed to any university for equivalent degree course through JAMB Direct Entry.

I hope I have been able to address one of your issues in this post. You can help another person by sharing it. Use any of the sharing icons below to share on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, etc. 

You can also drop a new question in the comment section below should you have one.

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