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Quickest Way to Block Your ATM Card - FirstBank Official


It can be so heartbreaking if you lose your ATM card. In this situation what should you do right away?

You can think of going to the next bank branch to block the card. And that is working truly. But what if you don't have access to your bank on the next street? What if it's the weekend and you think delay can be dangerous?

First Bank of Nigeria has given its customers, who are in need of urgent blockage of lost or stolen ATM cards, the fastest guide to follow in order to black the card.

With just a  few clicks, on any phone/phone number, you can render the card unusable for whoever stole it or found it.

To do that, follow the official instructions given by the bank itself.

Dial FirstContact on any of these numbers: (0700 34778 2668228) 01 448 5500, 0708-062-5000· Select your preferred language· Enter your account number. Then press 2 to Block card or press 3 to block 894 banking (USSD).

This guide was given by the First Bank Management in its usual Twitter short guide.

Instead of speaking with an agent, you can handle the blocking yourself by just following a few prompts directly on your phone.

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