How to Change Blogger Themes to Responsive/Professional in 2 Minutes - School Contents

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How to Change Blogger Themes to Responsive/Professional in 2 Minutes

Changing the default theme to something more professional
After creating your free blog using, you may want to change your default theme. You may need to do the same using any other blogging platforms out there. The need and procedures are almost the same if you're using WordPress, Mix, Medium, etc.

This is a good step since most default themes may not appear so professional or to your taste. And if you want to earn money with your blogs, I recommend looking for a unique theme as time goes on.

I have covered how to create a blog in just 5 minutes. If you’ve been following me from there, this is an incremental tutorial on that. You’re here to learn how to move forward and set your blog up for not only your taste but to please readers and search engines.

In the same vein, if your theme is not mobile responsive, you'll lose out in ranking and competition. Hence, this post is a guide to changing your blog theme from static (if any) to a mobile responsive theme.

What I Think About Looking for a New Blog Theme

So, what do I think when someone is looking for a free or paid blogger theme?

I think the person wants something different from what he’s already using; usually from the default theme chosen during the registration. And when people do that, they may not commit some factors to mind when choosing the new themes.

Below are factors to consider in choosing your next themes.

What to Look For in the New Blog Theme

You don't change your blog theme for the change's sake. There are a few things to be on the lookout for. These aspects of the work may be more important in the long run as your technical and non-technical SEO depend on some. Below are what to commit to when changing your blogger theme.

1. The New Theme Should be Professional and Premium Looking

Even while you’re just looking for a free theme, it’s important to pay attention to those that look and feel more professional and premium. Premium themes are usually paid for, of course. Yet, you can get some out there that, without an in-depth check; hardly can anybody tell it’s not premium.

Your blog is professional when necessary parts are available. I won’t take your theme as professional unless it is search engine friendly, Adsense/ads ready, with social bookmarking or sharing features.

2. The New Theme Should be Mobile-Friendly and Responsive

This is more important than a professional theme. Even many authority bloggers are no fans of professional themes. They just want something fast, and quick on phones, tablets, and computers.

This should be more important to you as well. Do you know why? Your blog should be about users. It’s not what you think that matters here, rather, how users respond to your theme.

A user is not looking for color and shining things around your pages. He wants information. As long as he sees the information, consumes and enjoys it, he will be back for more.

That’s where Google comes in. If users' experience is measured as “positive”, you’ll be compensated with a higher ranking than those blogs that are slower or not mobile-responsive. That’s why speed and response are ranking factors.

How to Look for and Apply Themes that are Professional and Mobile Responsive

Well, a million blog themes are out there, even FREE. And if you want the paid instead, your choices are endless. However, if you have been following me, you will notice I’m not an advocate of many, more, dozen, score, etc. I don’t value numbers, I value quality.

This is why I choose Gooyaabi Templates.

I wish they pay me for this little ad. Lol!

I’ve been using them since I joined the world of blogging. And once it’s working very well for me, there’s no need to look for 1000 blog themes to use for a blog.

They have a stock of templates you can take from. Generously, they’re mostly free except you choose to upgrade or prefer the premium versions.

I recommend some themes upfront for your checking. You can use them if you like or make your own search.

Don’t expect me to mention the name of my own themes. Don’t copy me! But if you get it, good try.

Go and check out the responsive category. I love the collection there.

For the purpose of this guide, let’s download the Blog coupon.

Click on the Download link below the template.

Save and open the downloaded folder, the XML file named Touchcade.

This file contains some codes. Don’t worry about the codes. Just copy it.

Now, go back to your blogger dashboard. It looks like this.

Click on Theme. Your theme page will look like this.

Click on Edit HTML. It looks like this.

Click anywhere inside the code. Now, hit Ctrl+A (select all).

Then, paste (Ctrl+V) - the codes of the newly downloaded theme to replace.

Now, click on “Save Theme” to save the changes.

After this, visit your blog to see the changes. In our example, now looks like this.

This looks somehow?

Don’t worry, we will handle all the settings and make it look as we want.

This is how your changed Theme will look for now.

If you had already got several posts on your blog before making this change, things should look very ok unlike mine here which is just for illustration.

And if you visit that blog right now, I might have posted a few things to make things look better.


I’ve said it in my earlier post that, after creating your blog, don't worry about changing the theme immediately. You can do that later.

Let me add this. Post about ten articles or wait until after you've been approved for Adsense (if you intend to join the network) before considering changing the theme.


  1. You may not be able to perfect the theme from the start if you change it immediately after creating the blog. This is because you don’t have enough posts to blend things around yet.
  2. Google is yet to be ranking your posts in the meantime. Hence, you don't need to bother yourself with how visitors will feel when they drop by. Nobody is dropping by yet unless you share your links with friends and families.
  3. Don’t allow theme-changing to take your time. You will need the time and energy for quality content. People want to see content, not color.

Do you still prefer staying with your default theme to changing it to something different? Do you think there’s a better way to achieve this? Share your experience. Leave a comment below.

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