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How Long Will It Take To Learn Blogging?

If you ask this question from a few other authors, they are likely to start teaching you how to blog instead of being specific about the number of years, months, weeks, or days it will take you to learn to blog.

This is because the question may pose more confusion than the clarity you're after.

I was forced to answer this question when my delivery man was skeptical about my work. 

I knew he had been wondering how I was making money for some time now.

He delivered my orders from Jumia very often. He remained mute until one day he summoned the courage to ask.

"Sir, what do you do here?" He asked as if he truly wanted to know. 

Well, I got it before he ever asked. He was probably the first person to face me and ask these kinds of questions.

I think he got this confidence because he's not from around here. Very many people around me must have been wondering the same but lacked the confidence to ask or they might have assumed I was a Yahoo boy.

It's easy for people to conclude you're an internet fraudster, here, if you don't sweat in making money and you do nothing other than typing on your computer.

I was happy Dave asked.

My answer was so immediate, "I'm a blogger."

I blog!

Dave had heard about blogging before now but he could not wrap his head around how one could sustain himself and his family - by earning from blogging.

After interacting for a few minutes, talking about him being tired of running errands for the online shop he was working for, how he lost a few jobs in the past, and his former boss advising him to stop working for others, he asked me this question.

"How long can I learn to blog?" He asked looking straight at me.

He's somewhat convinced he could do it. Having advised him not to quit his job immediately if he dare to go into blogging, he might want to see if he could keep learning to blog while he's still delivering.

With this approach, he wanted to know if it would take a year or more to learn to blog. Or it's an adventure he can acquire its knowledge within just a few days or weeks.

This post will be answering this question from most experts and me.

It Takes Me a Day To Learn Blogging But I Never Stop Learning

Let me share my story first.

I started out blogging after I'd read a basic post about blogging.

The author taught me how to start blogging in just a few minutes. And in the post, "Start Blogging from the Start in Just 5 Minutes– Using", I also showed you how easy it was to start a blog.

Though learning to create a blogging account is nothing the same as learning to blog per se. But with the creation of a blogger account, you have begun the journey and that's the first and most important thing.

Even though the author didn't teach me the basics of writing a post, what my content should look like, and the power of using the right theme, meta tags, and descriptions to mention a few, I got one key point - which was writing, writing, and writing.

I've been writing since my secondary school days and I was getting better at it.

However, instead of putting that to work, I followed my lazy instinct of copying posts I could find on other people's blogs, websites, and social media accounts.

This I did for a few months before I quit because what I was after didn't come. That was my first mistake in this business.

I was after money and it didn't come as I'd wanted especially following my copying and pasting method.

No Full Knowledge of Blogging, I Still Got Paid $100 After a Few Months

Yes, I quit. I couldn't blog!

But I was sent a $100 dollar check by Google for its Adsense program I signed up for before quitting.

How the hell did this happen?

The stolen posts had, over time been visited by a few readers. The ads, thereon, had got a few clicks which accumulated to $100 which Google sent in check (that was when we were being paid in check).

With this surprise, I looked for my email, reset the password to my account, and check how things had faired since I quit.

This was when I got ready to learn blogging in the real sense of it.


If you don't care to learn much about blogging, after creating the free account and with a few posts be they are stolen or yours, you'll soon be earning a few dollars. But if you want to depend, at least on part-time earnings, on blogging, you need to master the writing skills necessary and acquire or delegate a few technical and non-technical responsibilities.

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I Learned To Write Unique Posts that Keep People in Mind

The single most important skill you need in blogging is the ability to write quality and unique posts.

A post will be quality if it serves the purpose the readers are looking to serve. It will be unique if you approach your own content in a bit different way than others thereby making you stand out - avoiding being seen as copying others' work, presentations, or tones.

A blogging account will be created just the same way you created your email account, Facebook account, or Instagram. If you remember very well, it didn't take you up to 5 minutes to get those up and running.

You can as well post anything and claim you're blogging. But in the real sense of it, you need more than posting anything. You have to learn to post what people are truly looking for and will definitely want to read.

In succinct, learning to blogger, in my own case, could have not taken more than a few days, if I'd learned and taken to the fact that all I needed, after creating my account, was posting unique content and not copying others.

Learning to Blog is Achievable in a Week. Yet, It's Continual

As earlier mentioned, most people opened accounts, stole some posts, and sat back to make some bucks.

That's a poor approach.

There is more to learn. However, you can't wait to acquire everything before you can embark on this journey.

Your learning here, just like anywhere else, is continual. 

In most cases, what you will learn through a few articles online are the basics to start with of which writing quality and unique content is the primary thing.

Other knowledge, promised to be gained with time, will be acquired all by yourself on the journey.

However, if I must give you insight into those things that you will learn over time here, check the links below for the basics.

  1. Learn to use a good theme/template for your blog and never overdo things
  2. Learn not to start a blog or write content that Google won't accept or rank because they violate its policies
  3. Learn to look for exactly what people are looking for and write strictly on that
  4. Learn to write for people at the core heart of your posts not for the search engines
  5. Learn to link your posts as adequately and efficiently as possible
  6. Learn to appreciate and apply SEOs where necessary
  7. Learn to avoid keyword stuffing and click-baiting
  8. Learn to allow and moderate your blog comments
  9. Learn to fasten the success of your blog within a year or less
  10. Learn to make money with your posts
  11. Learn to write content that will trend and make more money

The purpose of the listed posts above is not to teach you what you need to learn here. You'll only see what is waiting for you ahead to know and apply but don't let that weigh you down. 

You can learn blogging in a day. Keep posting and other things will fail in place, with time.


The purpose of this piece is not to teach you blogging per se. The post is meant to answer the question of how long can somebody learn to blog. In just a day or a few, you should be able to learn to set up your account and get it running. However, you will need to learn about writing further, if you don't have this most important skill now. This is the only requirement that may extend your learning days. Other knowledge of professional blogging usually comes with time and continual practice 

Do you think you can learn to blog in a day or two? Do you already have what it takes to write unique and quality content for your blog as soon as it goes live? Share your views in the comment section below.

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