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Can I Copy/Paste Posts and Still Rank in Search Engines?

3 Values To Place In position Copying Others’ Works for Your Blog
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Is it possible for stolen posts to rank higher than the original? 

I’m NOT an advocate of copying and pasting other blogs’ posts for yours. In fact, I opposed this in my post, “Number 1 Worst Way to Start Blogging for Money”.

An extract from the post linked above

However, if you’d noticed the way I carved the statement there, “If you must do that, not before you'd established your authority with unique content and build readership…”, you would understand that I was hiding something.

Check the statement above again. Take note of “establishment of your authority”, “unique content” and “building readership”.

Let me take you on a journey that can guarantee you success in blogging even if you copy and paste others’ posts. I have seen a few publishers who did this and still made it to the number 1 position on Google. Needless to say, they were ranked over the original owner.

Before we start, I don’t recommend being lazy at this game. I don’t recommend stealing as well. If you get to the last words of this post, you’ll see what I’m recommending instead.

The 3 Values to Put in Place Before Copying Others’ Works for Yours

This may scare you but don’t be. You want to be lazy but you don’t have to be - at least not when you’re just getting up. You need some amount of hard work and commitment upfront. Then, once you’ve got to a stage, even though it’s uncommon, you may decide to sit back (copy and paste others' work) without being affected.

Let’s see the three things to put in place if you must eventually use other people’s works on your blog and still keep ranking in the later years.

Keep the acronym “ACR” in mind. You will need it shortly.

#1. Establish Your Authority (A)

This is the first thing that should be on your mind when starting out on the blogging adventure. Aim to be an authority in your niche.

Except you’re aiming for mini-blogs or niche blogs that will drop about 30 posts in a niche and wait for ranking, you'll need to focus on becoming an authority blog if you need serious results.

To be an authority blog, you must have an interest in the niche of focus, study more, and write original posts as much as possible.

You must have become a go-to man in your niche. Have you got to a position where people looking for information are referred to your website for answers? “Go check so, so and so for that”. 

Sound familiar?

I’m not sure you’re an authority in your field until people call you that. It’s not what you call yourself. Once people see you as an authority, Google has no other choice than to see you the same.

This is what leads to an automatic ranking of your blog for literarily all keywords in the niche. This is what happens to you when you just come up on the front page each time someone keys in whatever you have written about.

Are you there yet?

#2. Write Unique Content (C)

Similar to authority, it’s best said that unique posts give your the boost to become an authority website.

I discussed how to write unique content that people are truly looking for using Google Tools. This is the only way you won’t be seen as a weak domain by readers and Google.

Unique content is not necessarily titles and pieces that no one has ever written on. They’re posts that define you because you’d approached them differently, using your own voice, experiences, findings, and more.

#3. Build Your Own Readerships (R)

When you start out, you need people to come to your blog. Not only that, you must be able to convert them to regular visitors. These people coming back, again and again, are called returning readers. They keep your website alive both in the short and long run.

How do you achieve this? Try How to Use Email Subscription to Grow Readership and Ranking.

That takes us to unique content and authority again.

Before someone will subscribe to your newsletters, he must have seen content that wow him or her and truly wishes to be getting more of its kind.

I visited a blog once through an organic search. Landing on the page, the post was well written but I saw lots of repetitions. 

This is called keyword stuffing! It really pissed me off. The guy just forced you to click around the blog in a cunning way. 

Well, he had got my visit this time. I promised never to visit the website for the rest of my days on earth.

When I visited a blog through a regular search, I didn’t care about the website domain name or address but the content I come for. However, if a website wowed me, I would memorize its address for the next time or subscribe to the blog without being asked.

Later on, I searched for something and notice the same blog has the related content, I will love to hit that and read.

That’s how building readership works.

Google helps you to build this too. How?

If a searcher was referred to your blog through the organic search and enjoyed it. Google could track how long he stayed, and if he shared the post, printed, or copied it. With this feedback, Google will present your posts to the same searcher if he searches for other things you have content on in his next searches – even one or more months later.

This is why, Google, sometimes shows results of a website we love visiting and enjoy reading at.

You Don’t Have to Stop Posting but You can Get Lazy

After establishing yourself in the three areas above – authority, content, and readership, you may want to relax.

Nothing is practically wrong with this. A majority of bloggers do the same. They stop working continually hard. They stop creating more and more fresh content.

Why will you do that?

You may want to take some time off to enjoy your earnings on short vacations.

You deserve that!

But Google hates it when you stop working on your blog. That can "de-rank" you as soon as one or two weeks after your blog remains idle.

At worst, they want you to take time to edit, rewrite, update, and upgrade your existing posts if you ever run out of inspiration, time, or ideas. Check  7 Tactics Pros Use to Never Dry Out of Content Ideas: Beginners' Guide.

This takes us back to the main topic here, “How to use other people's posts to still rank your blog”.

After achieving the landmark of ACR, I guarantee if you repeat other blogs' posts, you will still be ranked (and in fact, maybe) higher than those who originally own the posts – especially if your domain age is older than the owners of the original content.

Let me share my experience with this.

A couple of days before JAMB UTME results were released. I write a guide for candidates on how to check their results.

You can check the post here.

Someone Copied and Used My Content and Still Ranked Higher

After a few days, I searched for those keywords to see if my post was already ranked. 

To my surprise, no. Instead, another blogger’s post was ranked.

To see if the guy had done a better job than I did, I clicked his title to read the post.

Do you know what?

The guy copied my post hook, line, and sinker. The entire post was a reproduction of my content. No difference in the words, paragraphs - everything

See it here

UPDATE: I had actually done a few things later to be different from his work. If I didn't update my own, readers might not know who copied who.

The question was, why wasn’t mine ranked but instead someone who copied and pasted my post?

The answer was ACR – the guy already beat me in authority, content, and readership. His blog was older than mine. With that, I believed he should have more posts and readership already.

I had to contact him and ask for a link back to my post if he must retain that post on his blog. 

To my surprise, I got close to 5000 page views from that single link from his blog on the first day of linking it.

This further established the fact that he had a very large readership already. If not, how did I have thousands of views from a single link?

That Should Be Cheating from Google, Of Course?

No, it’s not.

Google is not human. It is not perfect. It doesn’t see things the way we see them. It uses users’ information to determine post rank, of course.

A friend of mine called Google “Law”. Law is blind and can wreck or help anybody.

These are the reasons why he got ranked and why I still stayed on the last page of search results.
The guy posted my content, yet he outranked me. Here is how it happened.

More readers he already had clicked and read it. Perhaps he had about 20,000 views on the post that very day. Whereas, I just started out with no authority and readership. Content may be mine and good, but it will only work with time, not immediately. I named this #1 Core Reasons Your Posts are not ranking. Since more people read his, he got the edge over mine.


Duplicated News Got Ranking - Case Study

If you still doubt this, ask why the same news is ranked even if all the news houses share the same content – in fact, in most cases, the same words.

See the news below.

Content is the same, yet Google still ranked some websites over others. What you must know is that there are newer news sites that might be the original authors of the reports, yet not as ranked as the older ones.

Respect the power of ACR.

Ranking More than The Primary Website Case Study?

Why do we rank more than a primary website? I meant the original owner of the content.

Look at the post below.

The search term is “college of Health Ilesa”

That’s the name of the College of Health Technology in Ilesa, Osun State in Nigeria.

The primary website was ranked number 2 in that search results.

Even though the number 1 ranked website copied its content from the primary website, Google still ranked it higher.

Do you know why?

Well, the answer is because; the number 1 ranked website copied more details around the primary website and positioned them on just one page of its own.

In other words, it has more content on its page than the main website.

More so, the website has equally established itself as an authority with content and more readers.


While I’m not advising you to start copying other people’s posts when you start your blogging career, you may not worry about being sanctioned or "de-ranked" for this if you had worked tirelessly in the past with an unquestionable level of authority, unique content, and readership.

Does this work for your blog? Do you think you can work your way up to ACR? Do you think copying and pasting will still work without ACR? Share your experience. Leave a comment below.

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