9 Immediate Opportunities to Before/After Layoff - School Contents

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9 Immediate Opportunities to Before/After Layoff

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I've recommended blogging for students, graduates, and the unemployed in the past. There, I also advised the employed to take this as a side hustle. But only a few working people will do that when the checks are still coming. But now, you're sacked or laid off, hope you won't say I told you?

I don't mean any offense. I still want to help further here.

Sincerely, nobody sees firing coming. And if you're a smart guy to know when the going may get too tough, you should think of what to do in case you're thrown out of the office.

People are losing their jobs to COVID-19. They're losing checks to the recession. This is not only happening to you but to very many people in the world. If you're yet to be hit, you'd better be preparing for any possibility.

While I'm wishing people who were affected by the most recent layoffs the best of luck in their next takes, those who are right now safe need to think twice before it's too late.

What can you do if laid off?

General Approach to Being Fired

I've come across several guides on the next steps if laid off.

You may be thinking of your legal rights in certain situations especially if you're not warned before being shown the way home. But, is this really relevant when 75% of the workforce of a bank is sent packing due to downsizing or recession?

You may also be expecting common-sense advice such as filing for unemployment benefits, requesting a layoff bonus, preparing your resume for the next job, taking up babysitting, pet care, etc.

As a matter of fact, if possible go after that. But we all know how things work as soon as you're fired. If you're not careful, you can waste all your life savings while you go around for what doesn't matter.

Also, since the latest layoff might be affecting the whole world, due to the COVID-19 and its aftermaths, how do you recommend what works in American for a friend in Nigeria? The type of actions you can take or immediate jobs in certain countries won't work for other countries.

Hence, the focus of this post is to show you the way to start making a living as soon as you're out of a job irrespective of the country you are in. I had carefully picked adventures that work in any country in the world.

Below is a list of immediate opportunities you can consider if you've just been laid off or you need to prepare ahead of the shocker.

1. Start Blogging on Part-time or Full-Time

Of course, this is not the first time you hear of blogging. Even while at work, you might have looked down on the possibility of becoming a full-time blogger. You might have been advised to go on part-time. Yet, you wouldn't just give it a shot.

Perhaps it is high time you took up what you'd turned down. I gave a complete package to blogging in the post, "Laid Off? You Can Start Blogging for a New Career". That post commits a sacked person in context.

If you're still skeptical about full-time blogging, should you're considering chasing another offer, I advise going on part-time from now and if you secure a position sooner, you're already in line. You can still run your blog side by side with the new offer (if ever come).

Blogging has saved several people from the aftermath of being kicked off their jobs. It's the same event that turned most of them into full-time bloggers.

I'm also a living example.

If you're like the people who don't love writing, you may want to consider various alternatives to writing yourself.

Blogging doesn't have to be seen as a difficult adventure. You're promised to make cool money in time. We all started with determination and today many of us are proud of earning four- to six-figure monthly.

Below are a few resources to check if you want to blog. These are step-by-step dummy guides for starters like you.

  1. Before You Start Blogging: 5 Things First
  2. Start Blogging from the Start in Just 5 Minutes– Using Blogger.com
  3. Types of Less Crowded Blogs (Niches) to Start Now
  4. 4 Super Approaches to Create, Build and Run Authority Blogs
  5. How To Write Content For Niches You Don't Know About

2. Consider Freelance Writing or Related Projects

Freelance writing is similar to blogging. Here, instead of publishing your write-ups all by yourself and make money through blogging, you write for people who need the services of good writers for specialized topics.

A good place to start is Fiverr. The platform has been the go-to for several people who prefer to shed their writing assignments for freelancers. You can charge as much as $20 or more for each project.

Fiverr and similar other freelance platforms are not only meant for writing. If you hate writing there are more side gigs to take up including the following:

  • Graphics & Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Writing & Translation
  • Video & Animation
  • Music & Audio
  • Programming & Tech
  • Business
  • Lifestyle

4. Business (Self-Employment)

Business is, probably, your best take as soon as you're being laid off. You might have been planning to start earlier than this. The fear of failure might be a hindrance. "Now" could be the time to face your fear.

I don't have enough space, in this quick guide, to show you how important it is to embark on a start-up at this critical time. But let me share with you, Business or Job: Which is Better in Nigeria? After reading the piece, you should be able to know if you're naturally a job seeker or a business owner.

Either choice pays back in the long run. Yet, saving yourself years of frustration from working for someone might be the best gift this post will give you.

What starting a business needs is finding a need and filling that space. You don't necessarily need an entirely new idea. Find an existing product or service. How can you make it better, faster, cheaper, and/or go wider?

5. Local Real Estate Agency

You can start this as soon as possible. The start-up cost shouldn't rob you of lifetime savings. With office rent, a few papers work, and registration with the right authorities, you should be on your way to making it in this consulting service.

Make sure you do extensive market research, work on brand building, get finance if necessary and available, and maintain a good online presence.

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6. Job/Career Consulting Services

If you're smart, you're not the ONLY one fired lately. COVID-19 aftermaths and recession will be a massive loss of jobs. Unfortunately, not all of these layoffs will take my advice here. Very many will still want to try getting the latest openings. After all, many organizations will lay off and still employ fresh staff.

Going into career consulting is perhaps your best next take. The prospect is very bright with the United States recording a 4.4% rate of unemployment, as of March 2020 and 7.7% worldwide - still rising.

Register with the appropriate authority, open an office, maintain a good online presence and liaise with companies that may need your services.

7. Education Consulting

Similar to job consulting is education consulting and counseling. With a diploma course, you can take online, you're qualified to start. And you might have even qualified for that, out of school. This may be the right time to set up an office or home-based education consulting business.

If you're an African, there is no much to starting an education consulting business. You'll find "How to Start and Manage an Education Consulting Business" handy from my personal experience.

Starters from the other world should find out the ministry or registration bodies to talk to before embarking on education consulting projects.

8. Learn and Start a Craft or Vocation

The general lockdown had taught us to appreciate learning crafts of all types. People who have the know-how are already running businesses right in their garages during the stay-at-home. It may be time for you to learn and start a craft.

There are several online courses to teach you crafts and if you take to Youtube, several tutors will get you covered. That may be the beginning of a multimillion dollars venture.

9. Networking

The first time I learned about networking, Bill Gates got me with his alleged statement. You've probably heard the same.

If I would be given a chance to start all over again I would choose network marketing

Though this statement has been condemned as being fabricated, the message it was passing was priceless.

While some had taken it as a side hustle, some go all arms and legs into it. Do I need to tell you networking is working again? This business type has stood the test of time. This may be the right time to take it up - at least on a part-time basis.


Being laid off might be an opportunity in disguise. To some, it has been their long-term expectation while to others, it's a shocker. For the former, they're half-prepared and possibly had backup plans which might include any of the opportunities discussed in this post. And for the latter, you can start where you are, as you now have the magic wand in your hand.

Wishing you luck!

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