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Which is the Best Among Blogger, WordPress, Wix?

Three Blogging Platforms
This is a question you're likely to ask if you're just starting out blogging. A few bloggers who seem to get stuck halfway with the platforms they're using may be contemplating changing hands or remaining where they are. 

I've got a friend who guessed he was not getting good traffic because he was using Wix.

And with information overwhelming; articles trying to convince you that Blogger is better than WordPress and vice versa or that Wix is better than others, you may be getting more confused about your existing platform.

This post stands to share my point of view about which platform is better for blogging. Is WordPress better than Blogger? Is Wix better than Blogger or WordPress?

Let's get into it.

Blogging is not about Competition among Platforms

You see, making the attempt to prove one blogging platform better than the other is like trying to establish that your wife is better than a neighbor's. it's just your choice and probably his choice. It's about women's management. He may be cooler with his wife than you're with her.

Every human is the same with just a few differences. Where one is good the other may be bad. Hence, what these blogging platforms do is get better at what people use them for.

It may appear as if Blogger is competing with WordPress or Wix. However, I'd observed that each platform had found its competitive edge on which they're working, continually, to be better.

From a content writer's and marketer's point of view, the competition among these platforms should be of no concern. Rather, we shouldn't lose focus on what blogging is actually about.

Blogging is About Writing and Publication

A blog, according to Wikipedia, is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries. Posts are typically displayed in reverse chronological order, so that the most recent post appears first, at the top of the web page.

The key areas of attention in the definition above are:

  1. A blog platform should allow you to write and publish
  2. A blogging platform should allow discussion i.e should allow comments and interactions among readers

Blogger, WordPress, and Wix all check the boxes for the two areas. 

Once a blogging platform can allow you to bring your ideas, discourse, products, or services to the world, it doesn't matter what the name is because they all invariably do the same things.

Blogging is not Practically a Business Arena

Of course, blogging is a business itself - like a friend will call it, "blogging business". Yet, it's not a platform to do business. 

If you run a few blogs in different niches and earn money through Adsense, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, and direct adverts, then, your business is blogging.

However, as soon as you turn your blog into a platform where people can buy or order a product or service, make payments, etc, you've turned the blog into a business platform.

If the latter is your reason for content writing and publication, why don't you own a website instead of a blog?

I think this is where WordPress and Wix are trying to establish themselves which blogger is not interested in (at least not yet). 

WordPress and Wix are going beyond blogging. They're not limiting themselves to publishing content and interaction with readers only. They go a step further at providing services including hosting, add-ons, plugins, etc that can turn your blog into what I call, a hybrid blog (half-website half-blog).

If this is your focus, you may find the other platforms more relevant here than Blogger.

However, if all you're interested in is the true functions of a blog (which you can as well make money from - as stated earlier), Blogger is also a fit.

Ok, I'm a blogger. I'd used blogger.com for most of my blogs. I'd used WordPress and Wix earlier before I realized they just offered more than I truly needed for my blogging objectives.

The best comparison is like spending above $900 on Samsung and Apple premium phones all in the name of hardly-experienced water resistance and rarely-used wireless capability.

SEO is Central to Blogging Which All Platforms Win

In case you're wondering if a platform will have an edge over the other in terms of search engine optimization, here are what you should know.

Whether you use Blogger, WordPress, or Wix, you can do well with SEO. In fact, your success at SEO is not platform-dependent. Instead, it's how well you understand what SEO is all about and how to achieve that using the right technical and non-technical approaches.

If you'd read or heard elsewhere that using WordPress will help your ranking, it's more a fallacy than fact. 

I'd started a blog with Blogger which is, at the time of this post, three years old. 65% of my posts had ranked higher than content from the competition blogs using WordPress and Wix but are in writing for more than a decade.

You see, any platform will win you SEO if you know what it takes to achieve that - any of which is not platform-dependent.

If You Want More than Blogging, You Need More than Blogger

Somebody said

Even though Blogger allows you to export your content, your data will stay on Google's servers for a very long time. Using WordPress, you can move your site anywhere you want. You can move your WordPress site to a new host, you can change the domain name, or you can even move your site to other content management systems.

And I agreed.

But who does want all these for just blogging sake? If you, consider WordPress.

Another guy said

The general consensus is that Blogger or Blogspot is ideal for casual blogging, while WordPress is more for professionals.

I agreed with that as well.

However, the same efforts required to learn using Blogger.com are required to use WordPress and Wix, if you're less familiar with the internet to start with. As a novice, you still have to learn. And it doesn't matter what you choose to start with. All that matters is being able to use your knowledge to achieve your goals.

Chakravarthi had equally used the two platforms. Here is, his view.

In the same way, I have already used WordPress but I didn't see anything useful for me compared to Blogspot in WordPress site we need to buy some plans with different packages as I am a starter I haven't used any plans but I don't see WordPress good while posting, the only good and convenient are themes available in it but mostly outers who are not signed up with WordPress won't be able to view our post unless they log in.


First, we don't have to be too hard on Blogger. The platform is a blessing because in the long run we still have to realize this is a FREE platform. And if what you're up to is blogging in the real sense of it, Blogger is as good.

Secondly, what makes a blog a success is not dependent on the blogging platforms used. Rather it's in the efforts inculcated to make your blog look professional, user-friendly, and search-engines conscious. After all, readers never care to know if you use Blogger, WordPress, or Wix but only if the content thereon is satisfactory.

And finally, if you want more than making money from native ads, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, or direct advertisements, you may not want to consider Blogger. To handle product ordering, customer database management, etc., attention should be given to WordPress and Wix instead.

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