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Types of Less Crowded Blogs (Niches) to Start Now

Blog Types You Can Start in 2020 that Guarantee Success
The best blog types to start
Now you’re about to start your own blog and want to do things rightly. Knowing the right niche to blog on is the first step in this adventure.

You should consider a vast number of options available to blog on. Yet, you shouldn’t make the mistake of starting this list of blogs or niches. Those are my don't-go-to areas. For some of these blogs, don't try it. And for a few others, don't, unless you have what it takes.

Having said that, what are the niches available for you - promising good earnings, with less competition and viability for ideas and content?

This post aims to answer that question and the related ones.

You're perhaps on this page hoping to see me recommending blog types for students, personal blogs, blogs that make the most money, and more.

Well, you’re in the wrong place except for the last one – blogs that give you high returns in Adsense, affiliate, and direct advertising income.

Why I Don’t Recommend Other Types

If you search the length and breadth of the internet for the best types of blogs to start, you’re likely going to see repetitive results by some authors.

They ask you to start a blog on food, fashion, music, media, affiliate, fitness, sports, etc.

What they don’t tell you is that those niches are not only competitive, they’re congested to the extent that to make it to the top of the ranking is almost impossible. And if you just want to be a me-too blogger, you may need to invest 10 years of continuous hard work to be known in those niches.

They won’t tell you, that you don’t only need writing effort to make it in those crowded niches, you need to spend all your life savings on ads, SEO, and marketing to get close to success.

If you’re in doubt, do some searches online right now for sports news or update, fashion type, food type, and others. Google is likely going to show you more than a million relevant results.

This is where you will understand that most recommendations you’d come across are just easier said than done.

Must You Blog?

The first test I will do for you is to answer the question, “Must you blog?”

I don’t mean to scare you but I have to be frank with you. This world may not be for you again. You probably could have done well joining the league of content marketers over a decade ago.

All niches,  enticing you, are already dominated by the big boys. And if you think it will be easier, I can guarantee your failure before you even start.

Those guys can tell you it was easier for them. That’s true, that was then. But now, the ladder had been crowded to the top.

This doesn’t mean it’s not realizable to blog in the highly competitive niches if you’re ready to give all it takes – the hard work, the finance, and time.

But what will you say if you can be prescribed with a few niches that pay big or moderately high, with little effort, within a few months, and with (little) no money at all?

I’m sure you’ll prefer a niche where you can see results within a few months compared to those that will choke you for decades.

Blog Types You Can Start in Now that Guarantee Success

Below is a list of blogs you can start now, going by the state of the blogging industry.

1. Business Review Blog

Let’s see why I choose this.

I know that may sound strange, but as the name implies, these are blogs dedicated to reviewing certain activities of selected companies.

To start these types of blogs, you will have to select a few companies within your scope. For instance, 20 popular or less known (but with high prospects) companies in Los Angeles, Nigeria, Lagos, Accra, etc

You keep following these public businesses' activities, announcements, and events. These are sources of your topics and reviews.

Your audience is equally their audience - existing and prospective customers.

One mistake you will make in blogging is believing that you need to reach out to more people than this. That will force you into the most competitive niche and you won’t even have such an audience at all. Big guys had won them before you.

2. Bank Products Review Blog

If you must review the products of all banks in your country, you will have more topics to cover than you can possibly imagine.

This is a unique and unsaturated area.

The competition is not tense here. The niche is kind of boring for one reason. For the other reason, only a few publishers see prospects in banking products and services reviews.

Meanwhile, you don’t have to cover all the banks in your country. I bet if you concentrate on just 5 banks, you’ll be fast at winning followers because you have a few banks to focus your energy on.

Don’t be worried about topics to cover. Just visit the banks’ official websites for their existing products. Pick a few and share your views. Follow them on Twitter or Facebook, they'll drop a few announcements for your next topics.

3. Insurance and Mortgage Products Blog

In the advanced world, insurance, finance, and mortgage are not small topics. This niche may look saturated from the outside. Until you’re in, you won’t see that, there is more ground to cover if you know how well to cover it.

Even in developing nations, the prospect of these niches is serious. If you belong here, you can be one of the early birds.

I warn you here though. You don’t have to be a graduate of finance and insurance before you can do well here. With reading, news follow-up, and commitment to the industry updates, you should be a go-to blogger in no time.

Also, you don’t have to review things the same way those people you meet in the niche are approaching theirs. Take your path, use your own voice, and gather your own followers - using my guides in "How To Rank Posts Others Have Written Before You".

4. Local Travelers Blog

I know there are a few other blogs recommending this type of niche. Yet, I’m not seeing what they’re seeing.

What they’re seeing is a publisher who had gone far and wide and can share his experiences in blogging. What they're seeing are bloggers who can report experiences each time they return from Africa, China, or Asia.

What I see is a traveling niche that focuses on local travels. You don’t have to compete with the big boys. I warned you, they would choke you.

Go for what they don’t want to go after. Go for the coverage they seem to forget its prospects. This is a quick way to penetrate.

Within your country, there are people who had not covered 6 states at their 50. These people need information about interstate travel, adventures, and tourism.

In fact, with a moderate budget, you can set on the roads and report your experiences as you enjoy adventuring around your local towns and cities.

This niche is blessed with bountiful topics as all the local histories, artifacts, shrines, joints, and villages can be platforms for your collection of topics.

I've also compiled a list of 7 Tactics To Generate Content Ideas. The techniques are not only comprehensive, but they're also free and action-packed.

5. Personal Projects Blog

I don’t recommend a personal blog that focuses on how you spend your life at work, with your wife (even at night), your friends, and your families.

You're living your blog life if you should take every photo of your meals. You're killing your social life if you must be interviewing your friends instead of socializing with them.

Nobody seems to care again. This niche is long dead. Those who made it here are celebrities. Don’t go that lane if you’re none.

The type of personal blog I recommend tasks you to start projects of different nature and write into them.

Some people want to practice minimalism, and they will love to see someone who had written about his experiences - trying to achieve the same.

Some want to date people older than they are. They will love to see the outcomes from a person who had tried the same and can document the journey.

This blog type helps you set out for life and enjoy the successes and failures that it throws back at you. Your experiences will be an open book for other people without you opening up everything else about your lives and relationships.

Let’s say you buy a phone, you used it for a while, and drop it into water. You got it back working after several efforts. And wow, you loved your achievement.

You then go on your blog and share your experience detailing what and what you tried before the phone functions again. You’d just drop a tutorial for people who get their phones wet and are looking for help.

If you read, "4 Super Approaches to Create, Build and Run Authority Blogs", that is my number 3 of the hottest recommendations.

Is Money Guaranteed with these Blog Types?

The first question that comes to mind is, what's the financial prospect of each of the listed blog types?

That’s cool.

The answer to this is YES, you can make millions of dollars yearly from any of the blog types above.

In fact, you can make money from any blog whatsoever. However, I was only being choosey to give you this list. I was certain they paid you more than any other type out there.

Depending on how creative you become, and in turning your ideas into money, your earning potential is unlimited.

Adsense, affiliate marketing, personal product, and direct adverts are a few means to make money with your blogs. As for Adsense earnings, clicks from business, banking, finance, insurance, and mortgage blogs are the highest. What else are you looking for?

As for the affiliate earnings, businesses, banks, and insurance pay the highest as well. What industry can pay better, of course?

I congratulate you in advance if you can eventually sell your own products or services in the future or if you get so popular that, companies are placing ads directly with you. You’re a sure millionaire!


If you follow the crowd, you’re likely going to get stuck competing with those who had dominated the education, fitness, fashion, and similar niches.

You can be shadowed forever!

If you can give it the required effort (usually writing skills which can be avoided - using other alternatives), though boring, it helps you move faster in this ever-competing content marketing world. And most importantly, they pay faster both in the short and long run.

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