Start Blogging from the Start in Just 5 Minutes– Using - School Contents

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Start Blogging from the Start in Just 5 Minutes– Using

Are you looking for how to create a blog for free and make money, free blog makers, how to create a website, how to start a blog, etc?

This post may be the only piece you need. It has all the basics that will guide you to get your first blog live with a few clicks.

I’ve heard of several platforms through which one could create blogs. I've tried a few such as Medium and Wix before I decided to go along with alone.

Strictly, all my blogs are created using

Well, anybody can use others. This is just my choice and if you choose the same, I can take you on the ride to using this platform to create a blog and make it live in just about five minutes.

So, what do you need to achieve your live blog within 5 minutes?

Requirements To Create A Blog on

  1. A laptop (computer) or mobile phone or tablet
  2. Internet Connection
  3. Working Gmail account
  4. Basic typing and computer skills

That’s all!

Let’s put them to use.

Step by Step Guide to Create a Blog

Visit Your page will look like this.

This how homepage look like

Click on CREATE YOUR BLOG. This will take you to a place you need to log in with your Gmail. Enter your email and its password to sign in.

If your Gmail is already logged in on your device (computer, tablet, or phone), it will sign you in automatically. If you don’t already have a Gmail, create one right here. Then, sign in to continue.

If you just create a Gmail account during the registration for the blog (or with an existing account), you may see this.

If you just create Gmail during the registration of your blog (with an existing account), you may see this.
Enter your blog display name here

Enter the profile name and click “Continue to Blogger

The profile name is the name that will display on your blog just like mine below. You can use an alias or your full name.

On the next page, you will see this.

The page contains some updates. They may not matter for now

Ignore all the details, just hit CREATE NEW BLOG.

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On the resulting page, enter the title of your blog. Don’t worry here, if you don’t know what to choose as the title. Just write something there. You can always change this later.
Enter the blog title to start with

Enter the blog address. Here, you should choose rightly. Even though you can change the address later, it may not be as easy as the blog title.

In most cases, the address you wish might have been chosen by another person. You can alter things until you have anyone still available.

Let’s try one below.

If you type the address “mantutor” which the system will complete as, it will complain; “Sorry, this blog address is not available”.

Consider other address names if one is not available

In other words, someone else has taken it.

Let’s now try “myanchorclass” which the system will complete as

As you can see, this is available at the time of this post. Then, I can go for this instead.

Note that you may not actually worry about the address you choose here at the moment. As your blogging adventure continues, you will still have to host/register your blog elsewhere and redirect your ugly blog address to something unique and beautiful.

Next is to choose the Theme. Choose one of the default themes. You can later change it if you wish. See How to Change to Responsive and Professional Blog Theme in 2 Minutes.

And in fact, I love choosing notable to start with. I recommend it because it's beautiful and can be mistaken for a premium theme.
Notice the notable theme?

Now, click “Create blog

Now, your blog is alive and ready to take off.

If you want to confirm, just type the address you'd chosen in your browser. In our example above,

It looks like this.

If you notice, the statement that welcomes you is “There's nothing here!”.

This means Google and your future readers are expecting you to start writing.

Good luck!


When coming out to own your first blog, it may look blank especially if you have seen what others have done. They also started with a few clicks. That's what you have seen. And if you must use other platforms than, you will follow nearly the same steps to own and make a live blog. Most generously, creating a blog is FREE with

Most blogs you see with hosting extensions like com, .ng,, .info, etc might have started with free extensions like the one we've just created. The owners later registered and redirected them to unique URLs.

I started with And if you should visit the latter, you will still be redirected to the .info version. You will also learn to do the same here. But before then, it's cool to start with a few posts. 

Do you think you can quickly try this and get your own blog? Do you still want a further guide on this? Do you know a better and faster way to create blogs? Leave a comment below.


  1. Thanks for this update Sir, but how is money really make from it

    1. There are quick ways to make money from your blog. AdSense, Affiliate Marketing, direct sales, sponsored posts to mention a few. Read more through the links below.