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11 Types of Blog You Shouldn’t Start Now or Never

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You’ve made up your mind to start a blog now. By this, you must have known that blogging is still relevant and earnings ascertained therefrom.

However, you're struggling with the type of blogs you should go for or niches you shouldn’t start blogging on. This post is dedicated to answering the latter.

I'm still writing and publishing because I'm making my ends meet here. In most cases, other bloggers are doing better. We’re able to achieve this because we’ve carefully chosen the right blogs or niches to write for.

If you should misstep at this stage, blogging can get frustrating.

This post will be divided into two.

  1. Areas you should COMPLETELY avoid blogging about
  2. Areas you shouldn’t blog about EXCEPT you have what it takes.

Niches or Topics You Shouldn't Blog on At All

For every blog you see out there, there’s one thing they’re doing that keeps them alive. They dance to legal and societal values. If a blog should focus on a topic that doesn’t value law, society, race, etc, the owner will spend his life waiting for visitors.

Whereas, we write for visitors. These people are usually given to us free by search engines such as Google, Bing, etc. These engines will have nothing to do with your blog if you don’t respect legal and societal values.

You don’t just start a blog, register it, and start posting. Nope! There are things you must know upfront before hitting the publish button.

Therefore, look into the following Google content policies and make sure you don’t start a blog violating them.

1. Blogging on S*xually Explicit Topics

Google doesn’t allow content that features explicit s*xual imagery primarily intended to cause s*xual arousal.

This position is bigger than it looks in this sense.

If you start a blog that centers around this, Google won't rank you. Big G won’t accept your application into its popular Adsense program which is why very many aspiring bloggers start publishing in the first place.

We’ve got reports of Google penalizing bloggers whose content doesn’t even talk s*x but because their choices of words implicate them.

Google, of course, doesn’t have the power to ban your domain or stop you from publishing, but it has power over what shows up in the search results and who it does business with.

2. Blogging on Graphic Violence

Google does not allow content that incites or glorifies violence. They also do not allow extremely graphic or violent materials for the sake of disgusting others.

If you are starting a blog to publish crimes, violence, or using bloody images, don’t! It won’t be favored for natural ranking and that's just the end from the beginning.

If you’d noticed, even the news websites don’t just talk sh*t when reporting crime and violence. If Google bot flags your words, videos, and images for promoting these, you may be the last visit to that website.

3. Blogging on Hateful and Race-Related Topics

Google does not allow content that promotes violence or harassment against an individual or group based on ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, s*xual orientation, or gender identity.

Content with hate speeches or promoting terrorism won't be favored by Google ranking.

4. Blogging on Medical and Health Topics

Google does not allow sites “primarily” aimed at providing medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

Speaking of this, unless you’re a specialist and professional at giving medical advice, you’re more likely going to fail from the very start.

Speaking of specialists, Google recently released a report called Search Quality Guidelines. The guidelines gave birth to E-A-T. The document contains laid-down rules to follow in the content publication if you’re writing for the YLYM industry. YLYM means Your Life Your Money – which gives medical, health, life, and financial advice.

If you’re truly from the discipline and you have what it takes to comply with E-A-T, you may still start a blog around medical advice. If otherwise, run!

5. Blogging on Dangerous Topics

Google doesn’t allow content that promotes or facilitates dangerous or illegal activities, including self-harm, such as self-mutilation, eating disorders, or drug abuse.

With the freedom of speech, you may think you can start a blog around any of the listed activities above. Don’t!

6. Blogging on Deceptive Practices

Google doesn't allow sites that impersonate any person or organization, or that misrepresent or conceal their ownership or primary purpose.

They don’t allow sites or accounts that engage in inauthentic or coordinated behavior activity to that mislead users. This includes, but isn’t limited to, sites or accounts that misrepresent or conceal their country of origin or that direct content at users in another country under false premises. This also includes sites working together in ways that conceal or misrepresent information about their relationships or editorial independence.

Don’t come online to start your hacking classes.

Google doesn’t allow websites to promote links to malware, viruses, or other harmful software.

Bottom line: -

The list above surrounds the search engine’s effort to give rise to genuine, morally-composed, and generally-needed websites or blogs. These areas should be avoided in their totality.

But there is more to avoid if you want to start blogging.

On that note, let’s proceed to the other part - talking of areas you shouldn’t blog on except you have what it takes.

Types of Blogs You Shouldn’t Start Unless You Have What It Takes 

There are a set of blogs or niches that I won't recommend anybody starting out or aiming to add to his list. These niches can be inviting but there is more to them. Let's ride on!

1. Fashion Blog

The internet loves when you write about fashions. However, this niche is already oversaturated.

You’re coming to the world of fashion this year and you’re thinking you should be able to beat the competition in the next few years.

I doubt that!

The fashion niche is so densely dominated that people already know where to go if they need information on what’s trending in the fashion world. They don’t have to use Google or any search engines to go to their beloved blogs. These old blogs had taken them all on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

Where will you come in and win in a few years?

Meanwhile, if you have what it truly takes, welcome on board. You ask what?

You can start a fashion blog if:

  1. you already have enough followers and fans on social media
  2. you can afford to buy followers, in case you don’t have ready-made ones
  3. you can spend huge on non-organic sources of traffic including Google Ads
  4. if you have a specific fashion and race dress you can blog on and dominate that within years.

2. Product-Based Blog

Some people might have done that and succeeded in the past. The world has really changed!

Imagine writing a blog around a specific car or specific phone. People and Google wear defensive mechanisms landing on your page. Why?

They know you’re writing only to make money on ad clicks and affiliate commissions. Google is no friend with blogs that center on a specific item - dominated with affiliate links. People are growing to know publishers who are genuine product users and those who are chasing commissions with their reviews.

What does it take to start that?

It’ll be different if you can afford to buy that car. Then, truly review and share your experience continually with it instead of publishing what you’ve read from the manual or the official website.

People want to see you in the story. They want to see you using it and wait to know your thoughts about it.

The bottom line here is your avoidance of the items you’re blogging on. If you don’t have the bucks, such a blog type is a no-go area. My friend and I still went ahead to start this type of blog because you had a unique plan shared in, How to Dominate the Internet Without Google or Ranking. And it worked!

3. SEO and Internet Marketing Blog

Just like fashion, this is a highly dominated niche on the internet. This is where I am.

And of course, it’s paying HIGH in terms of Adsense and affiliate income. This could be the primary reason we all want to blog around content publication, SEO, and online marketing.

Your research into the high-paying keywords and niche might have shown you the potential of owning a blog on SEO and internet marketing.

However, it’s not for all.

What does it take to start this?


Yes. You need a stock of experiences to excel in this world.

Experiences don’t come cheap. You have to be in the game. You must have run several blogs with successes or/and failures before you teach others how-to.

Working experience in SEO, public relations agency and internet marketing will come in handy if you must blog around this niche.

4. News and Gists Blog

This is also a densely dominated niche.

How can you beat the authority blog? I’m not sure within a very short time unless you’re familiar with my short-cuts to overtake established and authority blogs detailed in the post, “How to Outrank Authority Blogs in the Same Niche and Keywords”.

People know where they can get the latest news and gists. They’re familiar with the industry leaders. Coming in now will take more out of you.

What does it take to blog here?

You can start a news and gist blog if you have what it takes to start a fashion blog (as listed above).

5. Jokes, Comedy, and Politics Blog

Gone are the days when people go online to search for riddles and jokes. Then, we all enjoyed comedy websites.

Today, social media had taken over this. You’re on Facebook throughout the day without missing an event. You know pages to visit if you must enjoy the latest comedy. There are more than enough Youtube channels for that.

I’m sure you’re late if blogging is your approach.

What does it take to blog on riddles, jokes, and comedy?

Start a Youtube channel for that and build followership.


Blogging is still relevant to date. People are still reading and enjoying blogs and this will continue into the unknown future.

However, the world is changing so rapidly that blogging doesn’t favor some niches any longer. It’s your duty to spot where the money is, still, before taking up the adventure.

If you should avoid what Google doesn’t approve of, you’re safer. We're living her world. We have to comply.

More so, for the topics you’re not restricted from, you don’t still dabble into things unless you have what it takes.

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