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10 Most-Read Posts of 2020 on Schoolcontents.info

Our top-ten posts
The year 2020 has come and gone with its woes. Of course, a lot had happened. I should just count all my readers and me lucky for making it till the early days of 2021. May God continue to see us through the new year and years after.

Wishing you a pay-back year 2021!

I have the cause to thank all my subscribers for being supportive since I launched schoolcontents.info. A blog that will be 3 years in the month of April but already a proud publisher of 1035 posts (this included).

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As usual, below is the list of my readers' most-read posts of the year 2020. You will want to know WHY these posts become your best takes of the year.

1. Is Change of Institutions/Courses Still On?

With the average poor performance in the 2020 UTME, the number of candidates willing to change institutions rose significantly. JAMB data showed that 1,352,988 candidates scored 120 and above while 275,206 scored 200 and above.

We should expect those candidates below 120 to make attempts to change to polytechnics and colleges of education considering lower scores

Apart from the fact that the change of institutions and courses is a yearly trend, this was why more candidates read that most.

2. Universities That Do Not Write Post UTME

Of course, most candidates want to skip post UTMEs because they're just coming out of the JAMB exams. Who won't?

Exams are not too friendly, so we will love to avoid them.

Another factor to consider is the method of screening that these universities are adopting which will favor candidates with better O'level grades and JAMB scores.

With 1,338,348 candidates obtaining credits and above in five subjects (mostly required), and 275,206 and above in UTME, candidates will want to consider more universities conducting online screening or physical screening only, instead of post-UTMEs. Similar to that is the polytechnics that are not conducting post UTME?

One aftermath of the COVID-19, was that more institutions would be adopting the screening method. Parents will also prefer a school that won't use exams (that will bring candidates together) but rather schools that can just accept online applications and offer admissions without candidates being on campus.

3. Can I Upload Awaiting Results on JAMB/School Portal?

Well, it's obvious the release of results was delayed beyond normal this year. 2020 has been a year of delays in literally every academic activity. As a result, candidates want to consider uploading awaiting results since they'd been warned that if their results were not uploaded on both JAMB and school portals, they wouldn't be offer admissions.

Of course, candidates were allowed to list their subjects and indicate awaiting in order to inform the board and schools that they're expecting those results. However, they should return to upload those results, when released, if they don't want to lose their admissions to that.

4. List of Private Monotechnics in Nigeria (Guide for UTME Admission)

This came as a surprise on this list, because, in the past, candidates wanted to know about universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education. A rise in the search for monotechnics (particularly private) may be due to fact that most of these schools consider lower JAMB scores. Also, their admission processes may not be as tensed as other institutions and competition may be more friendly.

5. Ogun State School of Nursing Form: Portal, Price, and Closing Date

Generally, searches for schools of Nursing increased this year across the board. First, Coronavirus Virus has increased the awareness among people that nurses are more needed which we had a shortage of across the globe. Hence, more candidates want to consider this discipline.

Also, while universities, polytechnics, and colleges were yet to be selling admission forms, several schools of nursing were already selling. This then became the go-to for the candidates who had waited endlessly for other schools to start the admission activities.

6. Oyo State School of Nursing Eleyele Form: Portal, Price, and Closing Date

This search is similar to that of number 5. And more so, because most JAMB candidates failed, they would prefer to consider schools of Nursing which didn't require JAMB UTME in the first place.

7. HND to BSC/Top-Up Degree (18+ Universities in Nigerian and Abroad)

This post keeps coming up every year because most HND graduates are making attempts to upgrade their HND to BSC. 

The reason behind this is not farfetched. The discrimination is still there no matter what policy being put in place by the federal government. And to some HND holders, it will rational and probably more economically that obtaining the JAMB Direct entry forms. Similar to this is HND holders considering changing to education courses to become teachers/lecturers.

8. Kwara State College of Nursing Form: Portal, Price, and Closing Date

As earlier noted, Schools of Nursing take the cake this year because no JAMB is required and they sold forms right when other institutions were muted.

As a bonus for this very school of Nursing, the federal-owned University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital School of Nursing forms wasn't online for a long time. Hence, most candidates diverted attention to the state-owned college of Nursing.

9. Will NECO Results Meet Up With This Year Admission?

Of course, after the end of exams the next question would be when would the results come out? However, for this year NECO this gets worse as the EndSARS protest vis a si the COVID-19 caused delayed and missing of papers by a few candidates and suspension of the exam at some states.

As a result, it's has become difficult for the exam body to immediately reschedule the missed papers for the concerned candidates. This has led the exam body to propose sometime in February for the exams to be rescheduled.

If this will be the take, the exam body won't be able to meet the usual 43-day results release duration. This has caused more candidates to ask where truly NECO will release their results.

10. Kaduna State College of Nursing Form: FREE and Closing Date

For the past three years, this post has been wining a position in my top-ten posts because not only is the form FREE for all applicants, candidates believed their admission processes wouldn't be as stressful and demanding as other schools of Nursing around.


If you've been following me for the time, you must be familiar with a few of these top posts. If you're yet to be our subscriber, consider joining the family right now. We have better updates to share with you this new year.

Happy New Year!!!

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