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Wednesday, 5 June 2019

We Write Our Destinies - Parents Watchout

When I was seven or thereabout, we're four friends - three boys and a girl. For privacy reason, let's use Boy 1, Boy 2 and I for the boys and The Girl for our fourth female friend.

Boy 1 would drive us when we played. He liked driving and acted driver on most play sessions. Though on an imaginary bus, using a bench, he would use his mouth to make car's sound, "huuu hunnn". We, the three others would occupy the bench behind him as passengers.

Boy 2 was usually the bus conductor. He sat next to the driver and called passengers in, "Ibadan! Badan! Badan!!", Eko-Eko-Eko!!. Do you remember the scenarios in commercial buses in a country like ours?

The Girl liked hawking rice and beans using sands and small stones. She sold her rice to us on some play sessions. She would also carry toys as babies. One interesting thing was how she would pat and caress baby toys like an adult taking care of a real baby.

I acted as a teacher. I liked teaching them at other sessions of our play days. I acted like my teachers in school – while my other friends sat as pupils.

It turned out some years later that, the Boy 1 bought his first car even while he was still an apprentice. He had bought and drove several other cars before he was 30.

Boy 2, unfortunately, became a bus conductor. He dropped off a bus one day and was gone today. On hearing of his death, I started thinking something was unfolding. I realised we had innocently created our own future.

The girl had her first baby while still in secondary school. And believe me, she was hawking rice and beans when last I saw her.

Here I am today - teaching. Everything I do surrounds teaching - public speaking, writing, marketing, training and tutoring.

The point is, even though we're not instructed by anybody to choose our ways at such ages when we're not sure of what we're doing or the future implications of such acts, we did them anyway. This, to me, makes leadership natural, which means certain traits might have been passed down to us as a generation.

Even though I was not capable of knowing the intellectual and leadership abilities of my friends’ parents, should I still remind you of all I had earlier said about my own parents? Nature has his way of creating our future.

Our parents also contributed other ways. My parents didn’t stop me from acting teacher. Perhaps they wanted it that way! They even encouraged me. Mum would say, "An elementary pupil acting as a teacher deserves a standing ovation." My friends’ parents also pretended as if they liked bus conductor, bus driver or food hawker or they didn’t just see it as anything important.

That brings us back to "environment" our parents create for us. Leaders start leading from childhood while parents and environments have their own ways to make us what they want.

Gene Starts us, Environments make us

How many more of these kinds of stories have you heard in the past? One of my brothers-in-law is today a senior army officer. From his story I heard, this was a man who while a child, would prefer guns as gifts to balls.

Have you heard some footballers’ parents narrating how their boys slept with balls and hide it in their school bags?

However, there’re unhealthy children plays today, as ever before, that if not checked, can come back to hurt and hunt them, their parents and the society at large. It is a recommended duty of the parents to encourage the right choices and discourage the wrong ones. After all, at this stage, parents have upper hands in choosing for us.

Parents’ interventions shouldn’t be limited to the children who obviously are more controllable but also for the grown-ups; especially some who may want to prove stubborn. Parents should seek professional help where and when necessary.

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